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  • boebeck Releases Debut EP “boebeck”

  • Hungarian singer-songwriter Boróka Andl-Beck, aka boebeck released her self-titled debut EP “boebeck” along with a new music video for “ocean” on March 9, 2023.

    The EP comprises 8-track, written by Boróka Andl-Beck and produced by Miklós Toldi.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Sinco.
    The EP tells stories about rejection, exclusion, self-doubt, as well as shame and self-pity. The songs seek to tackle these issues with irony and self-awareness, the latter being a central topic in boebeck's artistic output in general.
    Boróka Andl-Beck saod of the EP, “These eight songs were written about and during the most difficult times in my life, I have no good reason to share any of these with anyone, and yet I feel like I have to. Oversharing is probably my greatest weakness, but I like to see it as an asset because of the freedom that comes with it – so this album could also be seen as an oversharer asserting their value as an oversharer. But simply put, I want to make meaning, and this album is mostly about that struggle: self-awareness on a disturbing level, as my mother would say”
  • She shared on social media, “And now i must talk a bit about the people without whom this album couldn't have become what it is: two friends of mine, olivér galgóczi and dominik dencs, the guitarist and drummer of the band idegen have transformed and re-structured my songs with me over the summer and literally gave them a new life – i am beyond grateful that they are going to join me on stage for a number of concerts in the future. the same gratitude may be extended to miklós toldi, the producer of this album, whose tireless work managed to make these songs coherent and intelligible, as well as szebasztián szabó and norbert sóti who were responsible for some of the recording and the mastering. i'm so so so so happy that they were willing to work with me.”
  • source : Apple Music
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