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  • Pretty Killer Releases Debut Album “Blood Sugar”

  • American pop-punk band Pretty Killer, consisting of Jason Pascucci (vocals/guitar), Andrew Quinn (guitar/bass), Jacob Blondin (drums/production), Cody Buteau (guitar), and Jared Brunelle (synth), released their highly-anticipated debut album “Blood Sugar” on March 10, 2023 via We Are Triumphant.

    The album comprises 12-track, featuring guest appearances from Kellin Quinn, Monty Xon, and Kelaska.
    Produced by Danny Couture and Jacob Blondin.
    On the album, the band showcase their unique sound and willingness to break boundaries, letting go of the rigid, outdated idea that bands must stay in their genre lane and are carving a new path.
    The band started to make the album in May 2021 with Jason Pascucci, Jacob Blondin and Andrew Quinn on a remote writing retreat on Lowell, VT near the Canadian border.
    They said of the album, “The album, as the name suggests, is an emotionally juxtaposed piece of work that transitions through the entire spectrum of human emotions because throughout the writing process we all went through a lot of personal struggles.”
  • The band explained track-by-track for the album.

    “The opening track intended as a plea to God, about struggling with self-acceptance, and an inability to find serenity and being comfortable with one's self.”

    “Blood Sugar”
    “This song is about lust. About using toxic relationships as a substitute for facing the real problems one experiences. Its about detachment of real emotions and feeding the ego self despite the risk of self-harm”

    “Blossom” with Kellin Quinn and Monty Xon
    “This song is about finding that real love. About depending on that love to pull you out from whatever your stuck in. a dependency that could be considered co-dependent. Kellin Quinn of the band Sleeping With Sirens and label mate Monty Xon jumped on this track to compliment it very well and it was a great experience working with them both.”

  • “Walls” with Kelaska
    “Walls is about being so focused on the other person in the relationships character defects that there is a complete lack of self awareness. its easy to point out others flaws but really a successful relationship requires more self attention. The pop artist Kelaska is a main artist on this song and plays the inverse opinion with the same position.”

    “Slow Down”
    “This song is about riding the highs of using drugs and alcohol in a relationship that you both burn together. Its also like Blood Sugar, about using love as a drug and escaping reality through lust.”

    “This song is about resentment. About anger and hostility their feelings associated with being wronged and with no desire of changing. Being completely content with that resentment and feeding into it to the point of obsession.”

    “This song is about a realization that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. That feeding into the resentments, worrying about others opinions like in the previous song 'happyfknbirthday' there is freedom in releasing yourself from the opinions of others. The song was actually inspired by an episode of mad men and Don Draper's confidence.”

    “[do not disturb]”
    “This interlude is a compilation of voicemail the band received over the course of the album. The phone is a recurring theme in the album as it is the main platform of communication for most of the emotions experienced throughout the album.”

    “Away” with Kelaska
    “This song also features Kelaska and is the counterpart to “Walls” highlighting the end of the relationship, where once that self-awareness comes into play and mistakes are realized, but unfortunately too late. A common reason for most breakups. The lack of communication.”

    “Cold Sober”
    “This song is about the struggles and mental breakdown of sobriety particularly during the covid-19 lockdown where access to AA meetings were closed and only held virtually. The “You” in the song is alcohol and the struggles associated with recovery and whether or not its really worth it.

    “4 Missed Calls”
    “This song is about the loss of a loved one to drugs. The pain around it and the shared emotions. Its also about living with survivor's guilt.”

    “The Comedown”
    “The closing song to the album is about coming to peace with death. To being able to finally rest and be comfortable with self. The serenity which was so longed for in the opening track. It's cathartic, melancholic, but also contented with some hopefully ere.”

    Photo by Emilie Faith
  • source : Apple Music
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