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  • Skofee Releases New EP “Joyland”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Anna Marie Scholfield, aka Skofee released her second EP “Joyland” on March 3, 2023.

    It is her first project in three years since the 2020 debut EP “Polished”.
    The EP comprises 6-track, written by Anna Marie Scholfield, Sam Vendig, Maia Quin and Grant Boutin. Produced by Sam Vendig, Andre Samuel and Grant Boutin.
    The EP title comes from an old amusement park she went to growing up which has since closed down and fallen into disrepair.
    Skofee said of the EP, “This EP is about the return to joy after falling out of touch with it in various ways. Joyland represents a euphoric state of mind, and one that isn't necessarily accessible in the way it used to be. The pursuit of joy, self discovery, absence of comfort and the destruction of familiarity are all themes.”
  • Skofee explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “I'm Sorry I Killed Your Plant”
    “I'm a little bit scared of this song. It's one of the more personal songs I've written, detailing the end of a relationship via the metaphor of killing a plant. I try not to overexplain songs because I've heard doing that can limit the listener's interpretation, but also here I go! This was the first time I felt like I needed to write a song to better understand my own feelings, and doing so guided me through a difficult time in my life into a new relationship with myself. Listening back to it for the first time was kind of scary and also felt like a huge relief, hope somebody out there feels a little of that comfort when they hear it. I wrote it with Sam Vendig and his production on it completely brought the song to life (ironically)”

  • “Quicksand”
    “The song is my ode to hitting a breaking point. It's about the sinking realization that you have to let go of someone that you've been desperately trying to hold onto.”

    “Wind Up Hero”
    “The song was born out of a note in my phone. I'd misheard something a friend said and, thinking they'd said 'Wind Up Hero'. The resulting song is sung through the character of the 'Wind Up Hero', who will never let you down regardless of how much pain she's in. It addresses my tendency to emotionally drain myself in an effort to make space for someone else's feelings, which ends up serving neither party. Showing up for someone when you're not in a good place feels a bit like summoning a superpower, so I felt the metaphor was fitting.”

    “I wrote 'Easier' at a time in my life when I was hiding in my room, not wanting to be seen. I felt like I should tuck myself away until I felt better, making myself as small as I could get in order to make space for someone who I felt deserved it more than I did. 'I'm not here, if that makes this easier' was the anthem of that few months. I think writing it helped give me the agency to take back some space in the world for myself. Sam Vendig co-wrote and produced this song. We thought it was important for 'Easier' to have raw and vulnerable instrumentation to highlight the lyrics. It couldn't have arrived at such a delicate place without his meticulous attention to detail and creative production style.”
  • source : Apple Music
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