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  • Linda Varg Releases New Song “Fuck It Up”

  • Swedish alt-pop singer-songwriter Linda Varg has released a new song “Fuck It Up” from her upcoming debut album.

    The song narrates the realisation that you have been making yourself smaller, moulding yourself to fit in with other peoples needs and desires.
    The track was written by Linda Varg and produced by Mathias Wollo.
    Linda Varg explained, “We should not blame others. Even though in most cases it starts with someone doing or saying something bad to us, for me it started when I was very young. A woman who was older than me couldn't handle that I was happy, unafraid and talented. They said things to me that made me unsure of myself and that's when I started to make myself smaller. In Sweden we have a special word, kind of like an unwritten law and it's 'Jantelagen', which means that you should never think that you are someone and should never stand out and shine more than anyone else. I hate that law! Every single person should shine!!!”
  • She shared on social media, “'FUCK IT UP' is a warm and lovely song where the music grows throughout the song. Instruments are added and at the end comes liberation, like taking a shot of concentrated confidence! Hilarious if I may say myself😃 The song is at the beginning about not seeing your own value, making yourself smaller in front of others or being afraid to step on people's toes. But it takes a turn after half the song, and the strength takes over. All we want is to feel good and be able to relax and just be who we are❤️ Unique and wonderful in our own ways! I'm done making myself smaller! It's just me who suffers from it in the end🤗”
    The debut album is expected to be released in 2023.

  • Photo by Marcus Vall
  • source : Apple Music
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