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  • MOD SUN Releases New Album “God Save The Teen”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Derek Ryan Smith, aka MOD SUN released his fifth studio album “God Save The Teen” on February 3, 2023.

    The album comprises 12-track including a cover of Goo Goo Dolls “Iris”, featuring guest appearances from Avril Lavigne and Royal & the Serpent.
    Produced by Evan Gartner, John Feldmann and No Love For The Middle Child.
    “I miss when an album felt like an event,” MOD SUN said of the album. “When thinking about how to release God Save The Teen I wanted to bring back that experience to the listener. Nowadays we get so many singles before the album comes out that it kinda ruins it—it just feels like a bunch of songs sitting together, but not living together. All 12 songs are previously unreleased so when you press play on the first song you are being taken into a world and being told a full story. It's a risk and that's exactly what I did with all these songs too. I'm more proud of this record than anything I've ever done.”
  • He continued, “A young person growing up in these times is something I care passionately about, I want to be someone to help the younger generation as much as possible. The societal pressures and standards they are dealing with every day is absurd.”
    He added, “​​I dove deep into the power of love on this album. My song 'Shelter' features my fiancée Avril Lavigne, and is all about finding protection from the world in the person you are with. My song 'SOS' featuring Royal & The Serpent is all about the magic of love at first sight and being completely helpless to the power it has on you. I'm proud, I'm grateful, I'm at my best as an artist right now and that's what this album is to me.”

  • On the album, he covered Goo Goo Dolls “Iris”. It is his first cover song as MOD SUN.
    He told Rolling Stone, “And when I'm saying 'God Save the Teen' on this album, that's the song that saved me when I was a teen. I felt it was only right to do this homage to it. This was the song that got me through everything, that made me smile, that made me cry, that made me say that this song saved my life. All of those things. It has been with me through my whole journey since I can remember. You know, it's been there with me. The song that saved me when I was younger, it had to be on this.”

    Rolling Stone featured MOD SUN on their article on February 2nd. MOD SUN shared, “In 2010 Rolling Stone chose me as one of the top 10 unsigned artists in the world + had me compete in a competition to be the first unsigned artist on the cover of the magazine …I didn't win, but here I am 13 years later still making music, still performing on stage, still pushing myself as an artist, + still doing it MY WAY. My message today is the same as it was then, believe in yourself + never give up on your dreams no matter how many times someone tells you “no”. My new album is a testament to everything I have fought for in my life…evolution, creativity, positivity, + fearless reinvention. I will never take shortcuts when it comes to what I give the world + I will never not be grateful to have you all riding with me on this journey. It's so simple, if I can make my dreams come true SO CAN YOU. Thank you for giving me this life + thank you to Rolling Stone for believing in me after all these years.”
  • source : Apple Music
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