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  • Sam Tompkins Premieres New Song “Die For Someone” on BBC Radio 1

  • British singer-songwriter Sam Tompkins premiered a new song “Die For Someone” on BBC Radio 1's Future Pop with Mollie King.

    The song is the second single off of his up coming sophomore album, following “Lose It All” released last September.
    The track was written by Sam Tompkins, Andrew Wells, and RØMANS. Produced by Andrew Wells and Mark West.
    Sam Tompkins said of the song, “You know that feeling where you're just like: I kinda wanna fall in love but I'm also scared to do it because of what happened last time? Die For Someone is the soundtrack to that feeling.”
    He shared on social media, “never been so anxious, nervous and scared to release a song in my whole life. having said that, you guys have been so supportive of it that i'm starting to shake those feelings now and just be excited. thanks for getting behind me, means more than ever before right now. always so scary doing something different, but i'm hoping it'll all be worth it when 'die for someone' is yours.”
  • He continued, “this song might not be what you expect from me or even what you want from me. as you know i love making heartfelt, slow songs about serious topics and really sharing my deepest most inner thoughts, but there is another side of me that wants to essentially do the opposite. i am in love now and this song was written at a time when i realised i was ready for that to happen to me. that feeling (for anyone that hasn't felt it) is one of the most powerful i think i could describe and it just makes me happy. so i decided to make something upbeat to really reflect it and i personally think i nailed it, but with that comes the anxiety of sharing that with others. i cannot tell you how much the worry has plagued my life for the last 2 months. i even cried to my mum on the phone about it last night haha. but today and right now i am ready to let go of that and just be happy that i made something cool.”

  • Background photo by Annie Reid
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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