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  • Everything But The Girl Announces New Album “Fuse”, Shares New Song “Nothing Left To Lose”

  • British electro-pop duo Everything But The Girl, consisting of Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt, is back.

    The duo announced their eleventh studio album “Fuse”, which will be released on April 21, 2023.
    It is their first album in 24 years since the 1999 album “Temperamental”.
    The album comprises 10-track, written and produced by Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn.
    Tracey Thorn said, “Ironically the finished sound of the new album was the last thing on our mind when we started in March 2021. Of course, we were aware of the pressures of such a long-awaited comeback, so we tried to begin instead in a spirit of open-minded playfulness, uncertain of the direction, receptive to invention.”
    The album was recorded in secret at home and a small riverside studio outside Bath with their friend/engineer Bruno Ellingham, and also used recording by Ben Watt on his iPhone at home during the pandemic lockdown.
  • Ben Watt said, “It was exciting. A natural dynamism developed. We spoke in short-hand, and little looks, and co-wrote instinctively. It became more than the sum of our two selves. It just became Everything But The Girl on its own.”
    He added about the album title, “After so much time apart professionally, there was both a friction and a natural spark in the studio when we began. However much we underplayed it at the start, it was like a fuse had been lit. And it ended in a kind of coalescence, an emotional fusion. It felt very real and alive.”

  • From the album, the duo released the first single called “Nothing Left To Lose” along with the Charlie Di Placido-directed music video on January 10, 2023.
    Tracey Thorn told NME about the video, “We didn't want to be in the video or to do a straight performance. We just really wanted something to dramatise the energy and emotion of the track. Choreography seemed the obvious way. I said that Jungle always make really good videos, we Googled them and reached out to Charlie. He was just really enthusiastic straight away.”
    She continued, “We wanted the dancing to capture the mood of the song and he just got it, so we let them get on with it. He had this brilliant idea to film it all in one take. We went down to the shoot and saw all the perfectionism and how much everyone put into it and just went, 'Fuck guys! This is incredible!'”

    Photo by Edward Bishop
  • source : Apple Music
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