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  • bludnymph Releases New Song “Lights Out”

  • TikTok star and singer-songwriter Kya Hansen, aka bludnymph released a new song “Lights Out” along with a music video on January 5, 2023.

    The song follows up the 2022 mixtape “Fast & Furious: Drift Tape (Phonk Vol 1)”, where she performed “Press It”.
    The mixtap is a fan-first mixtape and bridge project supporting the Fast & Furious franchise leading up to the official “Fast X” movie soundtrack scheduled for release in 2023.
    The track was written by Kya Hansen, Charlie Storwick, Henry Russell Walter, and Melissa Storwick. Produced by Henry Russell Walter and Cirkut.
    bludnymph said of the song, “When someone is annoying you, it helps to blast something angry. I encourage being nice, but it's important not to bottle your emotions up. 'Lights Out' is a way to let it out when you have that 'don't f*ck with me' feeling.”
  • She continued, “I channel my evil, darker side with my music. It serves as an outlet so I can work on setting boundaries in my personal life. I have always struggled with saying no to things, when I deserve to be allowed to. This song is kind of about "going after" someone, but it's also teaching me to stand up for myself.”
    The accompanying video was directed by Kathryn Jankowski.
    She added, “I've always been a very creative person, in a variety of forms, so it's really cool that I could take the many parts of myself and tie it all together with the music video. One of my favorite things we've started to incorporate into my content is my Ghouls; they're my special little ghost creatures. Look out for their appearances.”

  • Photo by Alexis Castillo
  • source : Apple Music
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