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  • Bullet For My Valentine Dropas New Music Video for “No More Tears To Cry”

  • British heavy metal band Bullet For My Valentine, consisting of Matthew Tuck (vocals/rhythm guitar), Michael Paget (lead guitar), Jamie Mathias (bass) and Jason Bowld (drums), has dropped a new music video for “No More Tears To Cry”.

    The song was released from the deluxe edition of their self-titled seventh studio album back in July.
    It was written by Matt Tuck and Michael Paget. Produced by Carl Bown.
    The band said of the song, “The song is a dark but colourful story about dealing with mental health struggles. Musically the track is very different from the other tracks on the album and has a lot of surprises on there, including slide guitar...”
    The deluxe edition of the album comprises 15-track, including previous 10-ttack, four new songs and "Stitches" from Japanese edition.
  • “It just felt like the time was right,” Matthew Tuck said of the album. “It was just something that, when we wrote a couple of the key tracks that opened the door to letting the album what it is now, it just felt like the time was right.”
    He continued, “We came off the back off 'Gravity', which was not a technical record. For us, that album was all about emotion, it was all about the story, it was all about the vocal performances and the lyrical content. And it was more an emotive, personal kind of album. And this time around, it became clear, after we kind of found those couple of key tracks, that this album was very different — it was very technical; it was very in your face; it was very aggressive. And we just loved that they had that contrast, and it just had its own identity and had its own moment in time in the band's catalog now.”

  • He added, “And yeah, I think because we hadn't kind of shown that skillset for a long time — since 'Venom' — and having starved ourselves of writing in that way, in a sense, that as soon as we did, it was just like four or five years' worth of stuff was just kind of flooding out. It was just a natural thing, and we just rode the wave, and the more we kind of rode it, the more technical and aggressive the songs were becoming. And it was great. It just put a smile on our face that we could showcase the heavier, more technical side of the band.”

    Background photo by Ryan Chang
  • source : Apple Music
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