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  • Jonah Kagen Releases Debut EP “georgia got colder”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Jonah Kagen released a debut EP “georgia got colder” along with a new music video for “georgia” on December 2, 2022 via Arista Records.

    Jonah Kagen shared on social media, “i can't even begin to tell you how proud i am of this project and how happy i am that you all finally have these songs. i've spent this past year finding my voice in music and finding myself in ways i couldn't have ever imagined. this is the perfect way to close out this chapter.”
    The EP comprises 7-track, including preceding singles “broken”, “barcelona”, “hill that I'll die on” and “graveyard shift”.
    Produced by Davin Kingston, Dillan Witherow, James McAlister, Joe Janiak, Jonah Kagen, Josh Jacobson and Michael Pollack.
    The EP features his signature acoustic-driven sound with lyrics that tug at the heartstrings.
    Jonah Kagen said of the EP, “Each song on this EP has a unique story from a different period of my life. I've experienced so many distinct emotions over the last couple years—missing someone, being missed, being there for someone, needing someone to be there for me. I think they're all equally valuable, and I wanted them to live together in a space that can hopefully bring some sort of comfort to anyone listening that might hear even just one line that resonates.”
  • Jonah Kagen explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “hill that i'll die on”
    “'hill that i'll die on' is such a special song to me. It speaks to the sentiment of knowing that you'll love someone and be there for them even at their lowest point, and that there's nothing in the world that would ever make you question that. I was lucky enough to get to bring the song to life with my two incredible roommates (Sarcastic Sounds and Hayd), and it feels good to finally have all three of our names on something. Aside from that, I think this song marks an important direction for the sound and style of my music moving forward, and I can't wait to share more stories with you all. Sending love!”

    “graveyard shift”
    “'graveyard shift' came out of one of the wildest days of my life. The song didn't come until I truly let go—I stopped trying to write a song and just let the world show me what it wanted to, and an incredibly special story appeared. I really think you can feel the sentiment of 'letting go' in the song, and I hope you love it as much as I do.”

  • “barcelona”
    “This song is for anybody who's had someone they care about move away. For me it was Barcelona, but I know the idea of wishing someone hadn't gone to that place and hoping they would just come back is something many people can understand. Maybe listening to 'Barcelona' will let you groove your pain away. Who knows. Give it a shot.”

    “I wrote 'Broken' to give a voice to the person at their lowest. It is for the person that has chosen to fight their demons on their own, but they've reached their breaking point. It is a cry for a help - a desperate begging for that one person (or people, or thing) to come and pull them out of their own fire.
    In such a difficult time, our mental health is severely challenged. It is something that I care deeply about, and it is why I study psychology in school. I wanted to combine my own experiences and those of individuals all around me with my knowledge of the psychological side of mental health struggles to create a song that represents the emotion that affects us most deeply - pain.
    I hope that “Broken” will not only resonate with listeners but also empower them, give them hope, and make them feel and understand the truth that they are never alone, no matter what they may be going through. I hope that, in illustrating the rawest form of emotion, this song ultimately brings a light to the end of a long, dark tunnel and marks the start of a much better time for many.”
  • source : Apple Music
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