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  • Tom Jenkins Releases New Album “It Comes in the Morning, It Hangs in the Evening Sky”: Streaming

  • British singer-songwriter Tom Jenkins released his second solo album “It Comes in the Morning, It Hangs in the Evening Sky” on November 25, 2022 via Xtra Mile Recordings.

    It is his first project in three years since the 2019 debut album “Misery In Comfort”.
    The album comprises 12-track, featuring guest appearances from Phil Campbell, Marc Ford and Paul Mullen. Produced by Todd Campbell.
    Tom Jenkins started tracking the album during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.
    He worked with producer Todd Campbell and recorded the album at Todd Campbell's studio in South Wales.
    Tom Jenkins said of the album, “It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky”, was an album that I never intended to write, it just happened. It was something to do during a dark period in all our lives. I guess the album represents the feeling of dread and not being able to shake it, but also love and the appreciation of life and everything that comes with it. I like how the album jumps through the influences: it brings you up and drags you down. It was also amazing to have all my friends play on it and have a bunch of legendary musicians join in too.”
  • He said, “I've had the privilege of sharing almost my whole journey in music with Xtra Mile Recordings. From the label releasing some of my favourite bands and artists, to eventually putting out my own music as a teenager and through to my early twenties with two Straight Lines album campaigns. I'm very excited to begin this new chapter as a solo artist and grateful to be working once again with a great group of people with a great vision and ideas for their roster.”

  • Tom Jenkins explained of some tracks for the album.

    “It Comes in the Morning, It Hangs in the Evening Sky”
    “'It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky' is probably the most epic track on the album, and had to really live up to the name. The song draws influences from the likes of Jeff Buckley, Daniel Johns of Silverchair and Big Thief. Lyrically, it focuses on the feeling of dread and how it creeps up on you.”

    “Magic Mushroom Island”
    “Lyrically, the song is a celebration of strangers in the depth of lockdown. I had not left my farm in the hills of the South Wales Valleys or seen a soul for weeks, until a number of random people started showing up and scouring the fields. Apparently word was getting around a local uni that our fields were rich in Magic Mushrooms and it was quite the hot spot. It reminded me of the film 'The Beach' which influenced the title. This random occurrence did bring much joy and laughter with strangers to a somewhat lonely time.”

    “Be There for You”
    “'Be There For You' is what I'd call a Britpop-country fusion, with all the potential for a good singalong. The song reflects on my time working in the isolated New Zealand back country and being very far from loved ones in a lonesome landscape, with a landline that would only receive calls as the sole point of contact.”

    “Under the Sun”
    “'Under The Sun' is probably the most upbeat song off my new album. I really wanted to write more uplifting music this time round. The sound is inspired mainly by American alt-rock bands like Band of Horses and The Shins. Lyrically the song focuses on unity in a world that always seems to be trying to divide us by the ways of the media or manipulating higher powers.”
  • source : Apple Music
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