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  • Cat Reynolds Drops New Music Video for “I'll Miss The Rain” from Debut EP “The Sad Boys Club”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Cat Reynolds has dropped a new music video for “I'll Miss The Rain”.

    The song is featured on his debut EP “The Sad Boys Club”, which was released on November 4, 2022.
    The video was directed by Tom Ryan, who shot it in The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland and Spanish Point, Co. Clare, Ireland.
    Cat Reynolds said of the song, “This song was born from heartache, it's a look back at the positives and negatives that come from a relationship.”
    The debut EP comprises 4-track, produced by Cat Reynolds and Duncan Brookfield. He wrote and recorded the EP in an AirB&B attic in Cork last year.
    He said of the EP, “This EP has taken a year to put together and I couldn't be prouder of it. I can't wait for it to be out in the world.”
  • He explained other songs of the EP.

    “Never Wanted To Stay”
    “The song sounds quite upbeat and jovial but the lyrics are not so much. This kind of mirrors how I was. I was floating through life with a smile on my face but really internally I was not having the best time. I want people to realise that sometimes the best thing to do is just let life happen. I think people will get different things out of the song and I like that. I recorded a simple acoustic demo and then between me and Duncan Brookfield we turned it into the large band sound that it is today. The song was a lot of fun to make as it was probably the one that was the hardest to finish production-wise. There's a few versions of the song floating around in the Ether which I find quite funny to listen to!”

  • “Ancient History”
    “I wrote the song in September of 2021 a month after my mother finished chemotherapy and a week after she had an operation (she is fully recovered now). She had been diagnosed with cancer 6 months previous. My relationship with my girlfriend of 4 years ended in June of that year and I had just finished my masters degree in songwriting and production, and didn't really know what the next step in my life was. So the song came from a place of some very strong emotions. I want people to hear fragility, pain and suffering in this song and to know that they're not alone and that everyone is going through something. Everyone has their own battles to fight. But, I also want people to hear strength, power and hope. I think it's okay to be strong yet vulnerable and especially as a man I think it's an important message to portray in today's society.”

    Photo by Nicholas Beard
  • source : Apple Music
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