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  • Paige Bea Releases New Song “Autopilot”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Paige Bea released the third single entitled “Autopilot” from her upcoming second EP “Goodbye, Then!”.

    The track was written and produced by Paige Bea, Leo Wyatt and Jonjo Keefe.
    The song zeros in on the notion of "no longer being in the drivers’ seat", with the track directly inspired by an argument Paige Bea had with a friend who was trying to pull her out of a bad romantic situation.
    Paige Bea said of the song, “I was in that all-too familiar phase of a bad relationship when you're losing your own agency and being wilfully ignorant in the face of advice from your oldest and trusted friends but you’re not quite ready to acknowledge the truth. I could see the impact it was having on me - losing sleep, listless and weighed down as I drifted between lover and friend, suspended in the middle of someone else's open relationship - but I still couldn’t untangle myself.”
    The new EP features 6-track and is set to be released on November 25, 2022.
  • The accompanying visuals for the EP were created alongside filmmaker and photographer Ben Cole. After a lockdown spent getting her kicks from horror films and thrillers such as The Love Witch, The Invisible Man, The Witch, Fatal Attraction, Promising Young Woman and Gone Girl, the pair wanted to create another parallel storyline for the EP that tells the story of a supposedly manic woman escaping her obsession.
    She said of the EP, “The production, lyrical themes and aesthetics surrounding 'Goodbye, Then!' are a slow sharpening of my sense of self," Paige explains. "It starts dark, murky and jagged and eventually reaches a place of clarity and peace. The maximalist approach to the EP is a significant contrast to how small I was made to feel - and that was important. These songs are about making myself the main character again and I want this EP to make those who listen feel empowered, sexy and resolute in stories of their own heartbreak too.”

  • Photo by Ben Cole
  • source : Apple Music
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