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  • Laurence DaNova Releases New Song “This Island”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Laurence DaNova released the second single of 2022 called “This Island” on October 14, 2022.
    The song follows up “Marsupial”, which was released back in January.
    It was written and produced by Laurence DaNova with production by Isaiah Gibbons.
    He wrote the song inspired by the getting worse war in Gaza in 2021.
    Laurence DaNova said of the song, “What inspired my song “This Island” was a feeling of wanting to find peace from all the chaos in the world. I imagined being on a beautiful island far away from all this chaos. I was motivated to write about a lot of world issues as a form of therapy, because at the time I was being deeply affected by all the depressing stories I’d see and hear on the news and on social media. I wrote the lyrics in 2021 when the war on Gaza was getting worse- I guess you can say this was the catalyst.”
  • He continued, “I wanted the song to sound dreamlike, but also juxtapose with a very busy and jarring beat to signify chaos. 'This Island' has taught me to be more hopeful and patient. From trudging through the peak of the pandemic when I wrote it, to the many months it took to produce it to perfection, and to have more hope for the state of our world in general by really realizing its lyrics.”
    He added, “I want to remind the listener that we are all human and want the same thing at the end of the day- so I guess ultimately the listener should feel a sense of peace after listening to and reflecting on the song and its lyrics.”

  • Photo by François Mittins
  • source : Apple Music
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