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  • Willow Releases New Album “ᐸCOPINGMECHANISMᐳ”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Willow Smith, aka WILLOW released her fifth studio album “ᐸCOPINGMECHANISMᐳ” along with a new music video for “ur a ” on October 7, 2022.
    The album comprises 11-track, featuring guest appearance from Yves Tumor, produced by Chris Greatti.
    The album is the follow up to the 2021 album “Lately I Feel Everything”, but WILLOW thought about the album concept since 2018.
    Willow told RollingStone about the album, “We all have different coping mechanisms, and those — depending on what they are — are very indicative of our mental health and our emotional state. We need to analyse them and look at them and be like, 'OK, why do I do this?' and 'What even are my coping mechanisms?' and I think that's a huge, huge first step. Everyone struggles with their mental health. Whether that be being a people pleaser, getting validation from others, or drugs or alcohol. We all have our own little coping mechanisms and taking the steps to heal is the most important thing we can do.”
    She continued, “I want this album to show that anyone can have their heart broken by so many different things. Romantic experiences aren't the only thing that can break your heart. So, anyone who has experienced any pain or their heart needs a place to allow itself to feel and be human, I want this album to inspire people to have that emotional catharsis and to purge all of their feelings of unworthiness to grow into the beautiful, amazing person that they're meant to be.”
    The accompanying music video was directed by Willow Smith herself, featuring American singer-songwriter Paris Jackson.
  • Willow explained of some tracks for the album.

    “ᐸmaybeᐳ it's my fault”
    "It's all too often in tender emotional states we try to blame our hurts on other people. Even though none of us are perfect, in some capacity it's us who allow ourselves to get into situations that don't serve our highest purpose. Maybe It's My fault" explores "what it's like to hold ourselves equally accountable for the emotional pain we feel while also allowing ourselves to be human and fully process all of our feelings without shame."

    “I never wear a frown because life doesn't choose either side. Win or lose, right or wrong, it's a battle that's all in your mind. I wanted to go for rock. I didn't want to go for pop-punk. I didn't want to go for what's necessarily popular right now. I wanted to go for the heart of rock music, which to me is a deep outcry – maybe about pain, maybe about joy.”

    Willow “˂Coping Mechanism˃”

    “I feel like there were so many songs on the album that were just so high octane, hardcore just intense, and I really felt like there needed to be some purely emotional just ballads on there, honestly. Just giving some emotional rock ballads. And there were moments where I was like, 'Oh no, I want to keep this crazy energy,' but it needed the variety, it needed the balance. But it is definitely a softer take on the sound of the album.”

    “​hover like a GODDESS”
    “This song is an ode to the divine goddess within us all.”

  • Photo by Dana Trippe
  • source : Apple Music
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