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  • Louis Coupe Releases New Song “Where Did the Time Go?”

  • British singer-songwriter Louis Coupe released his third single called “Where Did the Time Go?” on September 16, 2022, following “Hannah's Got a Way” and “Manboy”.

    The track was written by Louis Coupe and Oli Bayston.
    He wrote the song about his grandfather.A song that speaks to the classic romanticism of the past as easily as it does the rose-tinted blossoming of the future.
    Louis Coupe said of the song, “I've always looked up to my grandparents and thought they had the best love story ever. They've been together so long and my Grandad still loves my Grandma no matter what — just as much as he did when they met — and I thought that was so inspiring for someone my age.”
    He continued, “I guess I realised that I wanted to live a love story like that too. I wrote the song imagining his perspective and all the memories he's collected over the years with my Grandma, in turn imagining all the memories I hope to collect in my life.”
  • He shared on social media, “i've pondered posting these on here but thought my grandad deserved the recognition. the song was written through the eyes of my grandad, he being someone who's always lived his life through art. he's never pursued money or recognition, and is frustratingly modest about his work most of the time, but in doing so proves the value of self-expression and unashamed creativity. after just turning 90 last week, he told me the other day 'i've been lucky to have had art in my life and you are too'.”
  • source : Apple Music
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