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  • Crawlers Premieres New Song “I Don't Want It” on BBC Radio 1

  • Liverpool-based alt-rock band Crawlers, consisting of Holly Minto (vocals/trumpet), Amy Woodall (guitar), Liv Kettle (bass) and Harry Breen (drums), premiered a new song “I Don't Want It” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    The song is their third release on Interscope Records.
    It was written by Holly Minto, Amy Woodall, Olivia Kettle, Harry Breen, and Pete Robertson. Produced by Pete Robertson.
    Holly Minto said of the song, “'I Don't Want It' encompasses what it is like to be growing up in the current state of society and how it has affected the mental health of the modern generation from a 1st and 3rd perspective. I have a lot of unhealthy habits that I am very self-aware of, however they don't seem to change and seem to manifest into worse problems which I try to ignore, this isn't really my own issue either, so many of us are aware of our own self-destructive behaviours but we ignore them for the sake of it being easier than recovery.”
  • She continued, “I think the song actually took fruition when my therapist said 'you're very self-aware, aren't you?'. It's very much a curse that we all, especially gen Z share. Maybe because self-deprecation has become such a normalised thing, which I hate but I can't help but feed into. Writing it was a good way of me getting out a lot of behaviours I want to change about myself as well as critiquing other behaviours that society tends to normalise while growing up in your teens and early 20s.”
    She added, “As soon as Amy sent me the riff I instantly knew I wanted to get these particular feelings out and create a song with the guys that sounds like the music I am listening to, especially when I am engaging in the behaviours mentioned in the lyrics, which has always been indie with a killer riff and a fat hook – kinda full circle in a way.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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