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  • Maisie Peters Releases New Song “Blonde”

  • British singer-songwriter Maisie Peters plans to release two new songs in August 2022, following “Cate's Brother”.

    On August 5th, she unveiled the first one called “Blonde”. The second one entitled “Good Enough” will be released on August 19th.
    Maisie Peters tweeted, “ok fun fact i wrote blonde two days before i actually went blonde, almost as a manifestation song so i wouldn't chicken out of doing it hehe. and then i got broken up with by a man who was not my bf the day after i went blonde but that is a whole different story :P ”
    The track was written by Charlie Martin, Maisie Peters, Pablo Bowman and Richard Boardman. Produced by The Nocturns and The Six.
    She shared on social media, “blonde out the 5th august, and good enough out the 19th august. two sisters songs that represent the two sides of the same feeling, of my artistry, of a breakup, of my heart. i wrote blonde a few months ago and good enough a few years ago, but when i stumbled upon the good enough demo in my notes app it felt just as relevant, almost like past me wrote it for me this year. you haven't heard it yet, but u will. i love both songs so much and it felt like one without the other didn't make sense, so i decided u guys could just have both :)) are u a blonde girl or a good enough girl i guess u will have to wait and see.”
  • source : Apple Music
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