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  • Lenni Revel Returns With New Song “Where There Ain't No Sun”

  • American singer-songwriter Lenni Revel will release her long-awaited debut album “Unbroken” this year.
    The album is her first music after a 7 year hiatus. The 8-track album represents a rebirth and a reclamation from the clutches of mental health struggles, drugs, and the grinding machinery of the music business.
    “This album is about the necessary human journey from thought to feeling, from the head to the heart,” Lenni Revel said. “These themes represent my story. I perpetuated the chaos of a life lived solely through a willful mind. It became a recipe for suffering, and not just for me personally but for others around me. Something had to change, and honesty was the only way out. Even now, learning to feel life without contraction is an ongoing practice.”
    From the album, she unveiled the first single “Where There Ain't No Sun” along with a music video on July 20, 2022.
    The track was written by Robert Revel and produced by Jason Lowrie. The accompanying video was directed by Robert Revel.
    “'Even loneliness is tired of me; there's a space we used to love in that I want to be.' This line from the song 'Where There Ain't No Sun,' says it all,” shares Lenni. “Grief, loss, sorrow, and mourning—these are all part of the cost of having truly loved in this world. Holding close to our hearts those we lose physically forever is a precious task, and one we can all relate to. 'Where There Ain't No Sun' encourages to be fierce in our loving while we still have one another in the flesh, so the personal loss of a beloved will never arrive at abject despair.”
  • Lenni Revel shared, “It's been 7 quiet years since I've posted on any social platform. I posted religiously back then, relying heavily on my image to try and break into the pop music industry. I meant well, but I was totally lost on so many levels with it all. I stepped away from the internet, the music business, and just about everything else till life got pared down to pretty much just me and the moment. From there I began to reshape and rebuild my life. I think I have waited as long as I possibly could to resurface online, but it is clear that the time is here now.”
    She continued, “Music is not what I thought it was. I tried to use it when I was younger - to dance, to sing, to be seen a certain way. But when I wasn't looking, music changed me. It changed my voice and the way I see and feel things. Today, my relationship with music is the way it should be. Music uses me now-to sing of a thousand things that have to do with the soul and the heart. It's time I paid music back for the years I stole from it. 'Unbroken' is my first payment.”
  • source : Apple Music
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