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  • Chaka Khan Returns With New Song “Woman Like Me”

  • American singer-songwriter Chaka Khan is back with a new song “Woman Like Me” on July 29, 2022.

    The song is her first single under her new label Sono Recording Group (SRG-ILS).
    Also, it is her first music since the 2019 album “Hello Happiness”
    “I am very proud to be with The SRG/ILS Group, a company that is run by a real musician who understands the needs of artists that have been overlooked for years,” Chaka Khan in a statement. “I’m feeling like I shouldn’t have to go to the studio and sing a damn thing, I mean, I have lots of stuff no one’s heard yet. I think I might just pull all this stuff together and just put it out there and see how I fly, because it’s good music. I have a lot of good stuff, a lot of little hidden pearls that can put out there — or maybe a Greatest Hits might be in order.”
    The track was written by Gregg Pagani, Francesca "Francci" Richard and Jeffrey Anderson. Produced by Pagani, Claude Villani and Jamari Harcum.
    "By the grace of God, the music comes to me,” Chaka Khan told ET. “Either I write it or I don't, or someone plays a song for me that I feel like I should have written or could have written. I feel that kind of connection with the song. The words were really what moved me. So It was that easy, I was in the studio the next week recording.”
  • The song is offering a poignant message for young females today.
    Sha said, “When I go online and I look at what some of the girls are saying, and I look at what some of the girls are singing about, and look at some of the girls are presenting themselves, and I look at what is beauty today. It saddens me.”
    She continued, “I just felt like somebody needs to talk to them. Someone needs to be a voice that they can listen to and maybe see life differently and see themselves differently -- or see themselves for what they really and truly are, not some warped sense of who knows what wants them to be.”

  • Photo by Sunita Martini
  • source : Apple Music
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