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  • James TW Releases New Album “Heartbeat Changes”: Streaming

  • Back in September 2021, British singer-songwriter James TW released the EP “Heartbeat Changes (Part 1)” as the first part of his sophomore album.
    James TW said of the EP, “Heartbeat Changes Part 1 is a collection of songs documenting the emotions & realizations I had after the only break up I've ever gone through last year. It's honest & as personal as my music has even been.”
    Following the EP, he finally released full-length album “Heartbeat Changes” on June 10, 2022.
    The album comprises 12-track, including 5-track from the EP and 7 new songs.
    Produced by Cam Blackwood, Mikey Gormley, Nick Hahn, Red Triangle, Sam Merrifield and Steve Solomon.
    “Everything I wrote was about the breakup,” he said of the album. “I basically met her when I was 15 years old. We started going out a year later. We were living together. I was honestly planning the rest of my life around her. It was obviously a big shock to the system, so the songs came flooding out. I wanted to capture all of the different emotions in the aftermath.”
  • James TW explained of some tracks for the album.

    “This is a special one to me. It was a song I didn't even consider for the album & my team voted for it to be included & then after recording the song it became my favourite song on the whole record.”

    “I wrote “Butterflies” about all the things you do to try and move on after a break up. It started with a guitar riff & then I built it up from there. It kind of got written the wrong way around for me. I usually come up with a lyric or a concept that I want to write about, but this time it started with a guitar riff,” he said. “There's a big guitar riff in the chorus, and I was a fan of that riff since I came up with it. And the song took me two years to write. Usually I write songs in two hours, but this one took its time, and I had to rewrite it lots of times.”

    “Hopeless Romantics”
    “'Hopeless Romantic' was actually the first tune I wrote after I moved out. Many of the songs sort of said, 'I really miss you' and hinted at wanting to be back together. This one says, 'I'm okay now. I don't need that'. I wanted it to be a happy breakup. I'm proud of that relationship even though it didn't work out. The song was the last time I went back to the place where we broke up. I just wanted to celebrate what we'd done together.”

    “One morning while my girlfriend Laura was putting on her makeup before work, I sat next to her with a guitar and asked her to say a random word. She said lipstick, and then the first thing I sang was the start of the chorus for this song. I finished the song that same day.”
  • source : Apple Music
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