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  • Emily Gabriele Releases New Album “Omega Man”: Streaming

  • New York City-based singer-songwriter Emily Gabriele, aka EG released her sophomore album “Omega Man” on May 27, 2022.

    It is her first album in three years since the 2019 debut album “Special Delivery”.
    Emily Gabriele said in a statement, “Omega Man is a project that is a collection of tracks that explore coming-of-age themes — from relationships to grief. Over the past 14 weeks, I've been building momentum around Omega Man with my greater audience. Cover art by covert art, lyric video by lyric video, and track by track, we've been building the album together. I'm excited to finally share the completed project with the world.”
    The album is an homage to her father who passed tragically and suddenly at the end of 2019 and the album title came from her father's nick name.
    The album comprises 8-track, produced by Christopher Clarke.
    Emily Gabriele told Guitar Girl Magazine, “My album, 'Omega Man,' is an homage to my father who passed suddenly. At his funeral, I learned from one of his life-long friends that Omega Man was his nickname amongst his friends – he was viewed as a source of truth and ethics.”
  • She continued, “Every song I write has its own set of nuances when bringing it to life. I wrote “Talking to Strangers,” “No Mind,” and “Legs” before my father died. I wrote the rest of the album after he died. I wrote “Haunted” before the pandemic. I wrote “Tobacco Leaves” and “Integrity Man” during the pandemic. We define and keep track of life in relation to major life events – the death of my father and the pandemic serve as two of them that help me measure the timing of each of the songs on 'Omega Man.'”
    She added, “Ultimately the writing process begins when I have an observation, a feeling, or a thought that I want to express. Songwriting for me is the most accessible way for me to express myself. The project 'Omega Man' was recorded in collaboration with Chris Clarke. We produced the entire record together. He's based in the UK, so we spent a lot of time connecting via Zoom.”

  • Emily Gabriele explained of some tracks for the album.

    “I wrote this song in collaboration with Christopher Clarke. Chris is based in the UK, so we spent time together virtually via Zoom for about 4 hours on a Saturday. It was morning for me, and early evening for him. The concept of time has always fascinated me, and so has the concept of Freedom. Will we ever claim Freedom from time?”

    “No Mind”
    “The song is about the idea of making minor adjustments to our lives. There are habits we can change that might be obvious to others, but not as obvious to ourselves, as we go through the motion of living.The seemingly 'small' actions and habits in our lives compound over time. If we don't take inventory of how we act, those compounded actions can build up into something massive, for better or for worse.”

    “Talking to Strangers”
    “I wrote this song before the pandemic, when the act of Talking to Strangers was, well, more likely.”

    “I wrote this song as I contemplated the complexity of humans. Each individual is multi-faceted. We have different versions of ourselves, some we chose to share with others and some we chose to hide. And then there are versions of ourselves that we are blind to, will we ever be completely aware of who we are?”

    “I wrote this song shortly after the sudden death of my Father. The death of a loved one is a life experience that breeds unfortunate empathy. The death of a parent is like accidentally dropping a ceramic bowl of youth onto the hardwood floor. It's a fast pass to adulthood and a swift kick to the throat that demands us to face our own mortality.”

    “Tobacco Leaves”
    “I wrote this song while grieving. It was inspired by an anecdote a friend shared with me at my father's funeral service. They told a coping mechanism they adopted after their father died, 'I picked up smoking, don't do that.' In the immediate throes of grief, I felt like I barely knew myself. I can see how habits, uncharacteristic to a former version of yourself, can quickly coagulate. You wake up every day and are springboarded into existence and are simply trying to survive.”

    Photo by Constantin Poselski
  • source : Apple Music
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