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We stand with the people of Ukraine and pray for peace
  • THE ROOP Releases New Album “Concrete Flower”: Streaming

  • Lithuanian pop rock band THE ROOP, consisting of Vaidotas Valiukevičius, Robertas Baranauskas and Mantas Banišauskas, released their third studio album “Concrete Flower” on May 11, 2022.
    It is their first album in five years since the 2017 album “Ghosts”.
    The album comprises 10-track, produced by Laisvūnas Černovas and Vaidotas Valiukevičius. Written by Ilkka Wirtanen, Kalle Lindroth, Mantas Banišauskas, Robertas Baranauskas and Vaidotas Valiukevičius.
    The band created the album in the natural surroundings of Miškiniškės and Vilnius, in the Finnish capital Helsinki and on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura near the African coast.
    According to the band, the album is for those who want to live, who want to move forward, who need inspiration and motivation to pursue their dreams.
    The band recalled, “Many of us told us we were too old to be successful in music, a manager refused to work with us because of our age. Ironically, it was with On Fire, which touches on the theme of at the time, that we were able to achieve international success and surpass the concrete attitude of certain musical managers.”
    The album title symbolize Lithuania's journey. Vaidotas Valiukevičius said, “The album title and artwork also symbolize Lithuania's journey, when in 1990 the country broke away from the Soviet Union with great force. Taiwan has a history of freedom similar to that of Lithuania.”
  • THE ROOP explained of some tracks for the album.

    “On Fire”
    “This year's song is about something I carried within and observed around myself. It's about writing yourself off too quickly. We are underestimating ourselves too often. We think we don't meet some standards or that we are uninteresting, too young, too old.”

    “Let's Get Naked”
    “There are situations when titles and self-made images fall, and the truth reveals itself as naked as it is. In the current context of war, societies and state leaders unmask themselves. We see the true leadership of Zelensky and attempts of some countries' politicians to close their eyes, we see the democratic values of the Ukrainian nation and the imperialistic face of Russia.
    At the same time we discover ourselves: how do we behave when scared, having felt the taste of the horrible reality closeby, where do we channel our energy, who do we become, and what principles steer us forward? In this music video we raise a common question - 'where does a human being begin and end?'. From constrained convenience to dizzying madness? Is it liberation and return to one's primal self or is it loss of responsibility - we leave the decision to the listener and the viewer.”

  • “Love Is All We Got”
    “We filmed the music video for “Love Is All We Got” at the end of October 2021. We, Lithuanians, have a painful collective memory and it kept whispering that the tension and disturbance in the world was rising. But not even in the worst nightmare could we dream of a war starting in it's roughest form. While editing the video now we added additional images of people gatherings, support and protest activities from Lithuania and around the world. It is important for Ukrainian people to see us all who see, feel and support.
    Blooming flowers symbolise hope and desire for peace. After all, flowers can break through concrete - such a superpower of life lies within the spirit of Ukrainians while fighting the invader. The dominating green color in the music video encodes revival, birth, and also prompts to stride forth and commit actions firmly.”

    “I always return there to finish songs - far from civilization and city tempo The name of the song is a new, rarely encounterable word, defining a person or a phenomenon if you see which you would say: 'Oh My God'!
    I think that the myth of Pygmalion is particularly relevant today, because we live in the age of social networks, within which we create our own social network 'sculptures', wishing to be liked, accepted and significant. It is human. Probably every one of us has a bit of Pygmalion's characteristics, – tells S. Baradinskas. – The whole music video is like a separate myth of a divine dream that occurs in the world of famous works of art. I wish that in this music video of ours the viewer discovers those art pieces and experiences our myth, like a single beautiful dream, together.
    In this clip the viewer wanders through world famous artworks which are interpreted in a contemporary context. I believe the music video really turned out ohmygodable”

    “Discoteque – the song that made the yellow wave not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. It brought together people of all ages and beliefs. The colour yellow, symbolising hope and light, drew attention to a small country – Lithuania. It was a celebration of change, showing that we can be united.”

    Photo by Jurga Urbonaite
  • source : Apple Music
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