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  • Ewan MacFarlane Releases New Song “All Those Years”

  • Scottish singer-songwriter Ewan MacFarlane released a new song “All Those Years” along with a music video on May 13, 2022.

    The song is the first single off of from his upcoming sophomore album “MILK”.
    It was written and produced by Ewan MacFarlane. The accompanying video for the song was filmed at the beautiful coastal location of Greenan Castle, Ayr.
    The track was written about a relationship with his wife Jo. Ewan MacFarlane said of the song, “'All Those Years' expresses the euphoria that love still brings after being with someone for a very long time if you refuse to let it go stale. It's about letting your partnership know that you still feel the same buzz that you felt on the first night you met.”
    Also, he describes it as a “song that shows you can be in a long-term relationship or a marriage with children and everything that goes with it, but still fancy the pants of each other. I'm lucky that even after twenty-two years together, we can still let our hair down and be who we are as individuals with no conditions.”
  • “It's not just about being in love,” he added. “It's all the emotions that come with it as well. A relationship isn't always easy, it would be bullshit if we said everyday was perfect. Sometimes you need to work through the shit and experience new things together to get to those electrifying moments where you feel just like you did when you first met. Every couple will have days when you're passionate, but there will also be days when the relationship takes some work, or is emotionally challenging. I believe this record speaks to a lot of people's experiences.”

  • The new album was produced, written and almost entirely performed by Ewan in his home studio.
    The album is expected to be released in 2022. It is his first project since the 2021 debut album “Always Everlong”.
    “'Always Everlong' was an ode to my heroes, like Springsteen, Petty, Fleetwood Mac and Bowie,” hesaid. “This album is a bit more edgy, and there's a lot more soul. It's very varied and unpredictable with some big changes in the way that some of the songs go. That's my favourite thing about being a solo artist. I can do exactly what my mind and heart wants to do.”
    “Working independently means I can push in whatever direction I like, with no expectations from anyone else,” he concludes. “It's really liberating. The variety of this album might confuse people at first, but when you put the jigsaw together it all makes sense. I've always been obsessed with songwriting and this is full of good tunes.”
  • source : Apple Music
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