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  • daine Releases Debut Mixtape “Quantum Jumping”: Streaming

  • Filipino-Australian alt-pop singer-songwriter daine has released their debut mixtape “Quantum Jumping”.

    The mixtape comprises 7-track, produced by Adam Beck, Circle Pitt, daine, Evan Thomas Weiss and Lonelyspeck.
    daine describes as a “tombstone to her adolescence”. It's the project that finds her discovering her own source of expression and space in a world she felt ostracised within. The mixtape features a chronological timeline of the very first songs she wrote when she was 16.
    daine explained of the mixtape, “I was 16 (I'm almost 19 now), I'd just discovered the whole emo rap thing and had stumbled my way into recording guitar samples and sending them to producers. I leant on maths and music as two ends of the same creative world (in my eyes).”
    She continued, “The rest of the world may not see a huge transition in my sound, writing style, and personal growth – but I feel it intensely. This person doesn't really feel like me anymore, but someone pure and honest I feel I need to honour. A 7 track mixtape of songs largely written at this point in my life. Hopefully this big nostalgia project will feel new and fresh to the world.”
  • daine shares on social media, “3 years later 'quantum jumping' is finally out (in my timezone at least). it's kinda dizzying to remember that i wrote this tape when i was in highschool. Thank you Circle Pitt for believing in me when i was just some random kid, thank you Warner Music Australia and Atlantic Records for helping me bring my teenage creative daydreams to life over the past 2 years, thank you Lonelyspeck for always adding your magic. Thank you Evan Thomas Weiss for working on 'comes and goes' with me & Hearteyes (my bro 4L) - it feels surreal to have worked with artists who influencedthe sound of this tape and i never wouldve imagined this being possible when i first started it. And thank you to my team yall know who you are, you've genuinely saved my life. 👼🏻& COVER ART BY THE AMAZING S.A Mayer”
  • source : Apple Music
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