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  • Conor Albert Releases Debut Mini-Album “Collage 2”: Streaming

  • London-based music producer Conor Albert released his debut mini-album “Collage 2” on April 9, 2022.
    The album is a sequel to the 2020 EP “Collage 1” and comprises 8-track, featuring collaborations with Mac Ayres, ELSAS, James Smith, Maya Delilah, Lily Agnès, Quinn Oulton and Max Pope.
    It is traversing synth-pop, hip-hop beats, groove-laden soul, jazz-flecked instrumentals, blues-licked indie pop and everything in-between.
    Conor Albert said, “Across 'Collage 2' there's a greater focus on collaboration, even more so than on Collage 1. I've enlisted the help of many of the new friends I've made since my first EP to make the best possible project I can. I'm super excited.”
    He shared on social media, “feels like I've been waiting to say that for agessss. this last year and a half has just been crazy! I started off 2021 with around 5,000 followers, had just released Collage 1 and was making loads of new music and beats. I started uploading these silly videos on here and now we're on almost 200k and have met so many amazing people along the way - pretty much all of whom play some part in this project! I don't have enough space in this caption to adequately thank everyone, but if you helped me make this record I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
  • Conor Albert explained of some tracks for the album.

    “Moonlight” with Mac Ayres
    “In October 2020 I got a message from Mac on TikTok of all places. I'd been posting a beat every day and he had stumbled across one of mine on his For You Page. He messaged me and asked for a beat that later became 'Nothing Else' on Mac's latest album. After that we had a very-late-night Zoom session where Mac and I chatted for hours and made zero music. Right at the end I sent him a demo of a disco inspired beat I'd made a couple days prior with my good mate Harry Greene, who's an incredible musician. He liked it and within a few days sent me all the vocals and then it was up to me to finish the track!”

    “Crescent Moon” with James Smith
    “James came in with the concept of being that boy that sits on the crescent moon in the DreamWorks intro, throwing a fishing line through the clouds and reeling in the love of your life. James is a master lyricist in my opinion. James and I have very different projects musically, but massive appreciations for the other's genre. In the last year I've found a huge love for more pop-leaning music, and James is such a massive fan of the neo-soul, beat scene kind of stuff, so we complemented each other perfectly. I think what's best is that our fans will be exposed to a different kind of music with this collab, something I'm really excited about.”

    “I Think You Should Know” featuring Maya Delilah
    “The song is about how both me and Maya had gone through breakups at roughly the same time last year, and as soon as the breakup happened our lives really changed for the better. The song also touches on some of the feelings you're bound to feel post breakup, like secretly being happy that the other person isn't doing as well as you are! Maya is the queen of breakup songs at the moment so I'm glad I could share the sentiment with her for one of my songs.”

  • “Keep Your Faith”
    “The song is about the latter stages of my last relationship. My ex felt that I basically didn't love her anymore and this is a song I wrote to try and express the ways that I still did and how we should hold on to the relationship. We did end up splitting in the end which makes the song bittersweet but I'm glad I have that moment of my life crystallised to look back on. This is the most personal, exposing song I have ever released.”

    “Sunflower” with Max Pope
    “Last year my label was asking me to start doing live streams on Twitch, which is something I'd always wanted to do. The way I learned production myself was from watching other Twitch streamers, so I figured this would be a great way to share my process. Sunflower is the product of the first ever livestream I did, where I put on a 1 hour timer and made a song from scratch with Max. Because the song was made under a time pressure, everything was completely spur of the moment and instinctive, which is often the best way to write music in my experience! After that initial Twitch stream we had one more session on it to tweak a few little things but the vast majority of it was done in that one hour. I'm planning on posting the full stream to YouTube so people can watch the whole process, so stay tuned for that!”

    “piano joint”
    “piano joint is my gift to the fans that have been following me on Instagram and TikTok over the last year. Since I put out the video of me looping it together, I've had hundreds, maybe thousands of messages and comments asking me to put it up on streaming platforms, so here it is! I've released a lot of music as my social media following has grown but never an actual beat from my loop videos, so when I had such a positive reaction from this one I knew I had to put it out there. Collage 2 is full of a lot of songs with some amazing artists, but with these songs I never really have a chance to show the more muso, jazzy side of me that's always been there. That's why I'm so happy to have 'piano joint' as the only instrumental track on Collage 2 so I can show off just a little bit haha!”

    Photo by Joshua Halling
  • source : Apple Music
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