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  • Mahalia Premieres New Song “In The Club” on BBC Radio 1

  • Jamaican-British singer-songwriter Mahalia premiered a new song “In The Club” along with a music video on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.
    The song is the third single of 2022, following “Letter To Ur Ex” and “Whatever Simon Says”.
    It was written by Andre Young, Andre Young, Benjamin Stefan Hart, Curtis Jackson, Jordan Reid, Mahalia Burkmar, Max Pope and Michael Elizondo. Produced by Cameron Gower Poole.
    The video was directed by Oliver Kane and Mahalia herself.
    Mahalia hared on socila media, “with this one, I wanna talk about FRIENDS. my friendships have changed and blossomed as I’ve gotten older and with each city I’ve lived in, it’s always taken me a significant amount of time to find people who are like-minded and good. I’ve kissed a lot of frogs when it comes to mates. had to cut off a lot of bad energy. and I’ve tried to only keep people around me who allow me to be myself. that’s what my new song is all about. and I wanted to talk about some of the types of friends I’ve come across in my life.”
  • She told Clara Amfo about writing process, “So that came so I wrote it. So in the club I wrote with three of my favorite guys right now actually just to work with a producer called JD Reid, an artist and songwriter called Max Pope. And then another artist and songwriter who also happens to be my lovely boyfriend, Ben Hart. And he it was him. So we'd written the verse and then over the hook, he just started singing 50 cent in the club, but with the original lyrics. Everyone's obviously laughing hahaha, this is great, but I was like, This is great. And I remember him telling me that 50 cent in the club was the first song that he'd ever learned off by heart when he was a toddler, which I thought was hilarious. I just, I mean, I don't know what my first song was. But I just was trying to imagine this five year old band, you know, studs, singing all the words to 50 cent and for everybody who knows those lyrics. I just found that story quite funny. So it felt like we all had a nostalgic connection with the song I definitely remember the first time that I saw that video and the first time that I saw 50 hanging so I think it just felt like a real moment of relatability for all of us.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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