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  • Mear Releases Debut Album “Soft Chains”: Streaming

  • Toronto-based alt-pop duo Mear, consisting of Frances Miller and Greg Harrison, released their debut album “Soft Chains” along with a new music video for “I'll Love You” on April 22, 2022.
    The album comprises 9-track, including preceding singles “Second Sight”, “The Order”, “Perfect Mess” and “Soft Chains”
    The duo shares on social media, “It's here! SOFT CHAINS, the album we're worked on in piecemeal for about five years is finally out in the world. Some of the songs you've already heard, others are brand new. We poured our little hearts into this thing and we are really really proud of it.”
    The music video for “I'll Love You” was directed by Cameron Roden, starring Susannah Mackay and Blue Bigwood-Mallin.
    The duo said of the video, “I'LL LOVE YOU - This music video came from the beautiful, generous and creative brain of director Cameron Roden. Getting the opportunity to make what essentially turned out to be a short film with Cam and his team (shout-out to David Schuurman and Alex Chung) was an absolute bucket-list dream for us. On top of that it stars two of our very talented pals Susannah Mackay and Blue Bigwood-Mallin. We love it so much and we think you will too!”
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    Frances Miller and Greg Harrison explained of some tracks for the album.

    “The Order”
    “In 2014, I lost the ability to do a lot of things I had previously taken for granted. At the time I wrote this I couldn't read for more than a few minutes at a time and a short walk around the block could leave me bedridden the next day. 'The Order' was an attempt to voice some of the pain and the loneliness of that; of not understanding what was happening to me.”

    “Perfect Mess”
    “The song is about a breakup. Two people who have been together for a long time and realizing that they need to let it go and the things we tell ourselves as we sustain something that isn't working 'don't worry don't worry'. The song and video obviously took on a whole new meaning with COVID – we filmed the video on the busiest night of the ex – it's like a distant memory of being in large crowds. We were going to hold off, but we thought that the essence of the song would translate into the shared struggle were all feeling.”

    “Second Sight”
    “Some memories help propel us forward while others cling to us so tightly that they bind us in place,” Mear said of the song. “This song is about someone who is grappling with a memory that holds them back. It's about a confrontation and making it out on the other side. The video features dancer Katherine Semchuk. The duo said, “We also knew this song would pair well with a dancer. Having worked with multiple choreographers and performers in the past, we had our sights on Katherine Semchuk. We gave Katherine a loose structure to work with and let her choreograph her own movement.”

    “Soft Chains”
    “Soft chains is our take on a torch song with lyrics inspired by 'As Long As He Needs Me' from the musical Oliver. It's about being stuck in a toxic relationship and about finding the will to get out. We're so grateful we got to collaborate with Kerry Zentner on this and we're really proud of the weird, fun thing the three of us made together.”

    “I'll Love You”
    “We wanted this song to take listeners on an emotional journey. The song has three distinct sections which could be best interpreted as Anticipation, Storm/Conflict, Loss/ Mourning. We also wanted to leave space for the music to tell a story when the lyrics are absent, which allowed us to emphasize the moods of these sections.”

  • Photo by Jen Squires
  • source : Apple Music
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