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  • Unlike Pluto Releases New Song “Comatose Scenery”

  • Los Angeles-based DJ and singer-songwriter Unlike Pluto released a new song “Comatose Scenery” on April 15, 2022.

    Unlike Pluto plans to release a new song every week from February 18th, with a total of 50 songs.
    He shared on social media, “Releases start February 18th with a metal song!! I have 40 songs written, so LOTS to release this year. Pluto season starts with weekly releases, working day and night for you guys, this year will be PACKED with songs. So get ready. PLUTO OUT”
    The song is the 9th song from his weekly releases. It was written by Armond Arabshahi, Chris Youngblood and Vafa Sobhani.
    He said, “Wrote a song about feeling stagnant in life, hope you enjoy!”
    To date, he has released 8-songs and explained track-by-track on Twitter.
  • “Have Fun”
    “Made a song about how everyone has opinions on everything and feels the need to share it everywhere :) love you hope you enjoy!”

    “Shelf Life”
    “A song about a shelf, lol I'm messing it's about shelves”

    “SIlly How I Feel”
    “Silly how I feel is out now :) I feel like poo poo today”

    “Cold Weather”
    “Made a song about cold weather, also can someone please watch the jjk movie with me?”

    “Smoke In My Heart”
    “Made a song about what your ex lover says about you in their next relationship”

    “I Don't Daydream Anymore”
    “Made a song about feeling uninspired for long periods of time :)”

    “Made a song about a harlequin :)”

    “Digital Junkie”
    “Made a song about being a Digital Junkie :)”
  • source : Apple Music
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