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  • Cassidy Mann Releases Debut EP “If It's Not Forever”: Streaming

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Cassidy Mann released her debut EP “If It's Not Forever” on April 1, 2022 via End Times Music.

    The EP comprises 6-track, co-produced by Cassidy Mann and Roman Clarke.
    On the EP, she often reshaped a small moment into a powerful and poetic song that feels both personal and relatable as a lyricist.
    And the EP features cinematic yet wistful sound to complement these emotionally driven pop songs.
    “When I listen to these songs now, I feel a sense of peace because I have captured the story I wanted to tell, and I've also captured a lot of the nuance surrounding it,” Cassidy Mann said of the EP. “I'm telling a story of my evolution and the relationships that I've gone through, but this is only my version of the experience and the way I remember it. It took me a while to figure out how to express that lyrically and sonically but I feel really proud of the fact that I do think that's pretty clear in the music.”
    She continued, “While I was making my new EP, If It's Not Forever, I was going through a lot romantically and it bled into the songs. They're about missing people and telling them how you feel, but ultimately, these songs are trying to find some thread of truth and meaning in a relationship that's ended.”
    She added, “That is why I want you to feel like this EP is a safe space to feel your feelings. To miss someone you might feel like you shouldn't miss anymore, to sit in memories and feelings of nostalgia without any fear of judgment or a rush to move on.”
  • Cassidy Mann explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Tropical Sour Candy”
    “'Tropical Sour Candy,' which, to me, has been a kind of container to hold the many memories and little details that I was missing as I went through the process of letting go of a relationship.
    Upbeat, sad, and reminiscent, this song is meant to make listeners feel supported.
    I want you to know that you're not the only one experiencing conflicting, co-existing feelings.
    'Scared I can't be alone to save my life, but I'm trying'. This is my favourite lyric from the song, and I feel like it captures the sentiment of the whole EP. I was going through this breakup that was painful but really trying my best to have healthy boundaries and be okay.”

    “Election Night”
    “I started writing “Election Night” just before the U.S. election in 2020. For better or worse, elections are a good time for self-reflection. Different political eras affect society as a whole, but in my new single I wanted to dig into how it also affects relationships on a more intimate level.
    'It's a paradox, going back in time' speaks to the idea of wanting to experience something again, or change how it happened, but realizing if you did that then the present version of your world would not exist in the same way. You are better because you've learned something and grown. We have to accept things as they happen and just keep trying to take the right next step.”

    “After a breakup, you tell yourself that you're fine. And you will be, eventually.
    'Fine' is about the initial breakup reaction, when your heart hasn't yet caught up to your brain.
    I'm fine / fine like the silver chain / you wore around your neck / that afternoon in August / when we talked again
    I wrote this as a submission for my songwriting club with some friends, and held onto it for a while until it became something I really believed in. I love how it shows this indie rock side of myself that I've never revealed until this song.”

  • “Stop A Heart"
    “There have been times where I've sat on the feeling of knowing I have to end a relationship – trying to figure out how to minimize the damage – but that is just a form of procrastination.
    I wrote my second single, 'Stop A Heart,' at the exact moment that I knew I had to make this decision.
    This song is built around a lot of loops, symbolizing that repetitive cycle of thoughts to make sure you're making the right call, going over and over it again in your mind.
    I've been trying to write the truth but it's hard when it's just a point of view, interpretation.
    I was obsessed with Joan Didion at the time of writing this song. She talks a lot about truth and memory in her writing and I was thinking about those concepts – how noble the notion of 'writing the truth' is, but how it's ultimately impossible no matter how hard you try.
    At the end of the day, everyone has their own perspective and feelings.
    Heartbreak happens to everybody and you can't control it, you just have to feel it and know that eventually it will pass.”

    “Since I Met You”
    “'If it's all right with you now, I'd like to tell you the truth.' Opening up is such a relieving feeling. It's like letting out a sigh.
    'Since I Met You' is vulnerable yet hopeful, revealing to a close friend that you're in love with them and always have been. It's a risky situation, so the verses meander around the subject, but the chorus comes out with it and lays everything on the table.
    I had rewatched the movie Garden State and was listening to that soundtrack a lot, thinking about how special it was. I wanted to write a magical song that could fit in a film, delicate at the beginning with electricity developing like fireworks.”

    Photo by Adam Kelly
  • source : Apple Music
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