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  • Kadhja Bonet Drops New Music Video for “For You (Many Selves Version)”

  • Back in September 2021, American singer-songwriter Kadhja Bonet returned with a new song “For You” for the first time in three years.
    The song is her first music since the 2018 album “Childqueen”. It was written and produced by Kadhja Bonet.
    Five months later, she dropped a new music video for “For You (Many Selves Version)” directed by Babak Khoshnoud.
    Kadhja Bonet said of the song, “When I wrote this song I wanted the “YOU” to be ambiguous, but as time went on I realized it was important to me that the meaning come out. This second arrangement and video was an opportunity to connect the subject to the song, and tell listeners what I believe. You can be your most reliable someone. Do it For You.”
    Director Babak Khoshnoud said of the video, “'For You' has felt like a personal ode from the first time I listened to the song. A calling to the various versions of self. The inner dialogue that feels at times frail and at others strong, representing the seasonal nature of our existence. The song is vibrant and joyous and fun so I set out to do just that with Kadhja, create a textured and rich dance video that celebrated the vibrancy of the tune, without taking ourselves too seriously. Rob Bynes' choreography paired with Devin Duckworth's styling and Michael Ormiston's lens gifted us a special group that came together to bring our approach to life”.
  • Coming back after three years hiatus, she said, “My forced hiatus from music has created an urgency in brand redirection. I began making music to get to know myself and fortify connections, and in many ways, I have derailed from that intention. I reflect on my last few years as a recording artist and see someone trying desperately to fit the mold, despite making music that does not. To be pretty, to be liked, to be relevant, good, or accepted.”
  • source : Apple Music
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