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  • My Silent Bravery Releases New Album “Bigger”: Streaming

  • American alt-pop singer-songwriter Matthew Wade's solo project My Silent Bravery has released a new album “Bigger” on December 3, 2021.
    The album comprises 10-track, including preceding singles “Bigger”, “Without Love”, “The Reason” and "Kiss Your Mout.
    He wrote the songs before the COVID-19 pandemic and recorded with two producers, Russell Ali and Sanjoy Deb at West Coast Customs Studios in Burbank. Also, he co-write four tracks with American Idol alumnus Trevor Holmes.
    Musically, it is an up-tempo acoustic guitar driven album with rhythmic programming and electronic elements.
    “I think the album is a cry for help for people to learn to love again, not just in relationships, but within ourselves, and our experience of the world,” Matthew Wade told American Songwriter about the album. “I think 'Bigger' is about diving deeper into ourselves and how we view our lives and the world and learning to be happy with our life experiences.”
    He continued, “'Bigger' is a reflection of what's happening in the world. The album is a call to unite. And in order to unite, I think it all starts with the golden rule: treat people how you want to be treated. In addition to speaking up and having our voices heard, I think we also need to continue to listen and learn. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. That is why my bravery is silent. It's my hope that this album unites, helps, and inspires people to think and dream big and to manifest their dreams to reality.”
  • Matthew Wade explained some tracks for the album.

    “Spark Up the Fire”
    “I knew I wanted a reggae inspired track on the record. My previous reggae cuts 'To Give (feat Matisyahu)' and 'Drunk off the Sun' are not only a couple of my own favorite tracks but fan favorites as well. When I first heard the beat that Russell & Sanjoy were working on for this song, I believe the first thing I said was "this song is fire!". I think that was the spark we needed, as the song came together very quickly and organically when Mitchell and I wrote the lyrics. It just felt really good, like a summer anthem, and hot!”

    “Rise Up”
    “With the world being affected by the Corona Virus, I pushed to release this song 'Rise Up' due to its positive and unifying message! We need to turn fear into faith and faith into resiliency and 'Rise Up' and overcome this pandemic!”

    “The Reason”
    “I'm one of those people that believes that everything happens for a reason. I believe in energy and karma and love. Those topics can be a little difficult to tackle in terms of a pop song but I was really happy with the overall outcome of this song and how they all combine here. I think Trevor and I were able to combine all those elements in a way that felt very natural and organic. And I was very impressed how Russell and Sanjoy were able to do the same, especially combining the EMD element into the song. It's one of those things where it just felt like everything flowed organically and simultaneously felt like it was pushing boundaries at the same time. It definitely felt like it was all happening for a reason!”

    “Kiss Your Mouth”
    “This song could be the dark horse song of the new Bigger album. When recording it with my team, Russell Ali said he thought this would be the song to break My Silent Bravery into the mainstream. The song has a pop accessibility to it. This song feels like the male version of a Taylor Swift romance song, and I mean that in a good way. I'm not afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve. Who doesn't like a happy ending with a big, long-awaited kiss?!”

    “Without Love” via V13
    “I met Trevor when I was recording the Bigger album with my producers Russell Ali and Sanjoy Deb. Trevor was friendly with them and we hit it off and wrote four songs for the album in three days. We wrote songs entitled, 'Rise up,' 'The Reason,' 'Run this City,' and of course 'Without Love.' 'Without Love' was the last song we wrote for the album, and we wrote it quickly as I had a flight back to Massachusetts to catch. It was one of those songs where we all went the extra mile to try and make the song work and fit in time to write and record parts before I left town and I am so glad we did. The song for me really helps complete the album and give it a lot of depth.”
  • source : Apple Music
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