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  • Raye Robinson Releases New Song “Star Talk” from Debut EP “Crushes & Love Songs”

  • Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Raye Robinson has released a new song “Star Talk”.
    The song is the third single off of her upcoming debut EP “Crushes & Love Songs”, following “Daisies” and “Rainy Day Daydream”.
    She wrote the song, which is the epitome of the beginning of a relationship.
    Raye Robinson said of the song, “That phase where you’re both obsessed with each other and nothing else matters except being with them, so you stay up all night talking about stupid things just to talk. It’s one of my favorite times in a relationship. I love getting to know someone, hearing them talk about their passions, reading their astrological chart for the first time, and showing each other your favorite artists. It feels like you could just live that night forever– talking about the stars and the universe and how small we are.”
    The debut EP is set to be released in February 2022.
  • Photo by Jade Sadler
  • source : Apple Music
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