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  • The Snuts Premieres New Song “Burn The Empire” on BBC Radio 1

  • Scottish alt-rock band The Snuts premiered a new song “Burn The Empire” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.
    The song is the first single since their debut album “W.L.”, which was released back in April.
    It was written by Callum Wilson, Jack Cochrane, Jordan Mackay and Joseph McGillveray.
    The band worked with two producers Coffee and Detonate. The track sampled a speech by the politician Tony Benn.
    Frontman Jack Cochrane told Clara Amfo anout the song, “It's really funny one will be working on a project with two producers Coffee from Miami and Detonate in London. We're from Glasgow, and just you know, culturally, and the way we grew up was also baffling by the conversations we were just connecting on all these different levels. So I started writing that song, and then Coffee is just like, everybody stopped and walked out of the booth, with a speech on his phone. Both and just recorded right over the song. And like you just like blew our mind. I was off stuff that we were really passionate about that speech. I think, although it's all I think it's very apparent and relatable, like, especially at this moment in time, and brands are just days away.”
  • He continued, “I really can I almost kind of it energy and all the conversations we're having. And so the energy was really high. All the really quickly. And I was just putting myself screaming down the mic, which guys can enjoyable. That's awful esteem. And we felt like we were making something quite important. It wasn't another kind of love song or a song that we didn't really mean something we were really passionate about. And I think that was coming across where we were making it.”
    He added, “We find our games, I don't feel super in person because when people get older people, younger people, people all over the place and coming together you can feel a kind of like a community and amongst that crowd and some of the chants about healing, that people are in this country about things. And I think that you know, as inspired as my first song, and it's nice just to see people are angry and coming together and kind of try to stand up for the things he believes in, you know, just to try and make things a bit better for everybody.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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