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  • MAXINE Releases Debut EP “Minor felt Major”: Streaming

  • Dutch singer-songwriter Maxine van Breukelen, aka MAXINE released her long-awaited debut EP “Minor felt Major” on November 12, 2021.
    The EP comprises 7-track, featuring guest appearance from Haris. Produced by Maxine van Breukelen, Napoleon's Party, Julian Vahle, Adriaan Philipse.
    The EP narrates MAXINE's failed love experiences during her college days.
    MAXINE said, “I wrote these 7 songs about my love experiences during my years in college. I felt so wise & Major when it came to love when I was 17. Still a minor…”
    She continued, “And to be honest, I still know nothing about love now that I'm 23 lol. But everything I did learn, I've put in these songs. I'm happy I can finally close this chapter & even more happy that I can share my experiences with you. From falling in love to getting ur heart broken to eventually getting over someone… I wrote it all down in that order. I hope these songs can bring you some peace knowing ur not the only one out there who doesn't know sh*t about love & THAT'S OKAY! Let's dance & cry together :):”
  • MAXINE explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Help Myself”
    “This song is about being so in love with someone that you do stupid things to keep them close to you. It's about being jealous and all the crazy things you do if you're jealous. Like checking someone's phone without them knowing...,obsessively scrolling through their Instagram stories just to find out that the girl he's standing next to.. is his sister. I mean even the brightest persons can be jealous. It's a human emotion. You decide the level of jealousy but don't feel sad if u do feel jealous. I guess we've all been there. We just couldn't help ourselves..🤷🏽‍♀”

    “Many people sometimes contemplate whether they should proceed with something they know will not do them any good. In those situations, it becomes difficult to control your emotions. You lose a sense of yourself, leading to irrational decisions, yet it feels exceptional. For me, 'Crazy' resembles this timid idea and delves further into continuing something "bad" because it feels good.
    After pondering what it would feel like when you have issues with someone you hold dear to yourself, I wrote this song. I know it can suck when it feels so good to hold on to someone, even though you know this person might be bad for you. That's pretty crazy, right?”

    “I LIKE U, But I Love Me”
    “I wrote 'I Like You, But I Love Me' a while ago with Adriaan Philipse and Julian Vahle and I wrote it for myself and for anyone who just don't know what to do when you like someone but you're doubting if you could ever love them.. And that's totally ok. Sometimes you gotta put yourself first and just loving yourself ❤️. That does NOT make you selfish or full of yourself. SO CHEERS TO LOVING URSELF. From me to you: 'I Like U, But I Love Me.'”

    “This song is about being over someone. I wrote 'DON.T' about a guy that I really really liked. You know when relationships end you have that period of being sad, eating Ben & Jerry and listening to sad music all the time? I did all of that lol. But then one day I wasn't sad anymore. I didn't think about him anymore and I realized I was over him. So I felt like writing a song about that. It's simple. I used to love him, now I don't.”
  • source : Apple Music
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