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  • Northlake Releases New Song “CAPO”

  • Dallas-based alt-rock band Northlake has released their third single called “CAPO” along with a music video, following “What's The Sea Like” and “Save Me”.
    The song's title named as such because it's the only the band song in which guitarist Devlin Manning uses a guitar capo, a clamp that's placed on the guitar neck.
    The track was written by Northlake. The video was directed by CDtv
    The song is written about inner battles. It talks about conflicts in relationships and conflicts with oneself. It's told from the perspective of someone that feels lost in the noise and is desperately trying to find themselves through bad relationships and substance abuse all while not truly understanding who they are.
    The melancholy melody in the verses contrasts the anthemic, sometimes chaotic choruses that culminate into a deeply impactful climax of noise and emotion.
    “When I write songs, I never really know what the hell I'm writing about when I'm writing it, but when it's done, I can kind of see what I'm talking about,” frontman Austin Deloach said of the song. “I look at these grudges that I'm holding on to, and kind of move past them and deal with them in a healthy manner. This one is a lot about me living in that car and smoking two packs of cigarettes and just freaking out about not knowing where to eat. It's definitely about my inner demons and fighting myself.”
  • Photo by CDtv
  • source : Apple Music
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