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  • Diplo, Paul Woolford & Kareen Lomax Premiere New Song “Promises” on BBC Radio 1

  • American DJ Diplo, British DJ Paul Woolford and Marietta-based singer-songwriter Kareen Lomax teamed up again to premiere new song “Promises” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Sian.
    The new song follows up the trio's first collaborative hit “Looking for Me” from last year.
    Paul Woolford told Sian about the aong, “I mean it's the song actually really reflective. So yeah, it definitely feels like that and I was having this conversation last night with with Kareen Lomax who sings on it and and and Diplo and we were, you know, between it's all we're kind of realizing that it really does feel like, you know, it's quite a bit of sweet.”
    He continued, “A lot of dance records especially dance records, perhaps crossing over at the moment are kind of based on big samples from old recognizable songs and all the rest of it, but we've purposefully avoided that. Here we're kinda like, you know, we're sort of focusing on Kareen, because Kareen Lomax is, she's a unique artist, she's you absolutely mind blown artist. Diplo and I have we're both honored and privileged to be able to work with Kareen one small in an ongoing way, and what she does is so it's some sort of certain quality that we don't want anything to cheapen it, you know, I mean we just wanted to make sure that we're, we're doing right by the song. It's a bit of a moment for all of us really because it's, you know, we're following on from looking for me and yeah if it all fields right.”
    The track features a gospel choir. He said, “I mean it's mind blowing really and the choir on the song called the spirituals, and they're, they're a London based choir, and on the day you know we're in studio while in Abbey Road, which is where you know the Star Wars theme was recorded and you can hear the reverb from Star Wars. You know, if you're listening, you know, very carefully, but it's, it's a unique environment.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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