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  • Sam Fender Premieres New Song “Get You Down” on BBC Radio 1

  • British singer-songwriter Sam Fender premiered a new song “Get You Down” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.
    The song is the third single off of his upcoming sophomore album “Seventeen Going Under”, which is set to be released on October 8, 2021.
    He first performed the song at BBC Reading and Leeds Festival 2021 last month.
    The track was written by Sam Fender and produced by Thom Lewis.
    Sam Fender told Clara Amfo, “To be honest, a lot of this, the vast majority of the album is very very personal anyway. This is pretty personal, it's kind of about my feelings in relationships, as a sort of how insecurity can get the better of you and all of that. But a lot of the whole album was actually about sort of insecurity and how sort of your childhood, affects you. And the end insecurities you take from childhood that affect you as an adult. I mean death it's a big kind of a big part of yourself out there but, but I think people will resonate with it and I think it's, I think a lot of people have similar sort of cracks.”
    He continued, “It's a lot of it's about growing up the whole record sort of provoked by my teenage years, in shields with my mother. But this one is kind of more about how that time sort of affects your character when you go into relationships when you're new in your 20s and how that kind of like art carried a lot of sort of insecurities from that time.”
    He added, “It's quite euphoric, for being quite self deprecating lyric, I think it's kind of the jumps to between the lyric and in the sonics. It's interesting, I think I hope you like it.”
  • Sam Fender wrote 60 songs for the album. He said of the new album, “I get it now that I've done it, but I had so many songs for a second album, I was like this would be fine. When in a dead load. I wrote, 60 songs for this album. And then finally, whittled it down. But then, if you ask me the same question in January, beginning of this year, when I was on the fourth of the level to score a lot more do you want to just like, maybe that was that was fine but yeah I think every album should be a challenge, you know, like, for me this time around it was like, I found it very enjoyable because the first record I was learning how to make records. And I've learned so many different sort of trips that are hard fought mostly for the second one, that one up here and the second one was a lot more confident about my arrangement of my ability to write arrangements for strings, and for brass. So this records got so much more instruments on sisters to Parana, it's a big astounding thing, because I had the competence to go in, in front of 10 people with cellos and violins, go like way I wanted to play this. Whereas when I was, you know, when I was doing hypersonic missiles, it was like. And I was, was only a couple of years beforehand, I was like my mom's on benefits and I was like, How the hell am I in this position.”
    He said, “Now I felt like when I walked in this time it's like right like this is my job, and this is how I want to do it and this is how I want to sound, and it just felt like a lot more sort of normal. To do this, you know, I mean, I think, which was quite freeing. I think there's a bunch of two rounds from shields, so it's quite free to go in and actually feel like we're allowed to do our job and not feel like we've got pasta syndrome all the time.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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