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  • Holly Humberstone Premieres New Song “Scarlett” on BBC Radio 1

  • British singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone premiered a new song “Scarlett” along with a music video on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.
    The song will appear on her upcoming sophomore EP “The Walls Are Way Too Thin”, which is set to be released on November 5, 2021.
    It was written by Holly Humberstone, and Rob Milton who also produced the track.
    Holly Humberstone shared on social media, “This track is my absolute fav, it's a f*ck you to the guy that was going out with my bestie Scarlett and was written as they were breaking up. The relationship was totally one sided Scarlett was all in & had pretty much planned their future & it was pretty clear to me that he was stringing her along until breaking up with her in a really insensitive and heartless way. I was her closest confidant and so I knew everything she was feeling, and i'd see how passive he was with her at parties first hand. She vented to me for probably about a year and so I went through all the stages of a break up with her and watched as she slowly realised her worth and that he wasn't worth her tears anymore 💘 I wanted to write this one from her point of view. It's a pretty positive song as it's about her finally letting go, realising his many faults and taking back her life 🤍🦋”
    The accompanying music video was directed by Raja Virdi. She said, “I rly love the video for this track too, obviously the song is about Scarlett so she had to be in the video - especially after being named an 'emotional grim reaper' lol. The two of us break into an airport hanger, steal and spray paint an arctic truck, then I perform on the back of it as Scar drives it down the runway. It was honestly the most fun and so jokes. I was clinging on as I was being thrown about. If u look closely the guitar I throw off the truck is the same one from my very first video for Deep End and the banners were at my London shows at Omeara !!!! I really hope it feels as empowering to watch as it did to be on the back of it performing!! Loved how ironic the bad British weather line is when we got the nicest sunset going for the video. Hopefully u enjoy it 🤍xxxx”
  • Holly Humberstone told Clara Amfo about the song, “It was a weird one like I wrote the song at the end of this breakup that she'd been through and basically there's another song in the EP, that's called Thursday, it's basically I wrote it before we wrote Scarlet, and they weren't quite broken up. And it was like a really horrible thing for me to watch because I could see this like, awful guy like it's kind of like spanning Average Dude, my friend doesn't like Scarlet like I think it was just like the most Average Joe.”
    She continued, “And she was like he was basically not quite like I could sort of see that he was wanting to end things, and she was, I think in denial about it or something and he just wasn't kind of giving her a definite this is over, so that she could like actually move on and like face it. And then I wrote this essay about that whole situation and that's also about Scarlet, a couple months down the line. She is feeling so much better and she's still kind of heartbroken over this guy, but I can just tell that she's like bit more empowered and it's just kind of like I understand now that I need you and I'm so much better off, like Scarlett's my favorite track because it just feels like such a release in such a like, I don't care anymore like I'm totally cool on my own. I think that's why it's probably my favorite. I mean I don't know how she feels about it now I'm kind of out in her, so hopefully she's okay about it and I mean she said it would be kind of like a good revenge to have a breakup song kind of like a middle finger, this guy. But I hope she's okay with me, really.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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