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  • Katz Releases New EP “Only You”: Streaming

  • Melbourne-based songwriter-producer Katz released his sophomore EP “Only You” on August 13, 2021.
    It is his first EP in three years.
    The EP comprises of 6-track, including live version of “Forgetting”, featuring guest appearances from Sophia Brown, Charlie Lim, Fractures, and JANEVA.
    “I like being able to mix things up by using different singers on each track and allowing my writing and production to act the consistent thread that runs through my EPs”, Katz explained of the EP. “I love writing songs that juxtapose melancholy lyrics against hopeful instrumental backdrops. Lyrically, the 'Only You' EP traverses a number of aspects of the human condition that many of us can relate to, from ambitions to self doubt to love and gratitude.”
  • Katz explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Forgetting” featuring Charlie Lim
    Katz said: “Our writing process has always felt highly organic; there's a level of trust that comes from years of friendship and playing together which has allowed us to be really honest and productive as collaborators.”
    Charlie Lim: “lyrically, 'Forgetting' is about how irrational and fickle human nature can be - chasing after fleeting feelings and letting history repeat itself, which, paradoxically, is also the very thing that keeps us going.”

    “Forward” featuring Fractures
    "The track had a lightness that guided the melody lines but we couldn't resist putting a dark spin on the lyrics. Forward' is full of constructive criticism - it's about someone shirking their own ambitions and making excuses for unrealised potential. 'Forward' is the second track Mark (Fractures) and I have written together. In contrast to the slow jam/neo-soul-tinged 'Cipher' (from the Waterfall EP), with 'Forward' we set out to make something a bit more airy and pop-focussed, but still a little dark, lyrically speaking. As a harmony-loving piano player, it was a lot of fun building thick vocal stacks and floating them over what is a relatively spare instrumental. We definitely laboured over those harmonies, making sure the right layer would cut through at the right time in order to meet the intention of a particular lyric."

    “Come Down”
    “It's about being in that sinking/soaring land of the unknown, tinged with hope that you'll re-find your feet when things settle.”

    “Back From Nothing” featuring JANEVA
    “It's a song about being grateful for someone's friendship and guidance, particularly through difficult times.”
  • source : SoundCloud
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