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  • 2019-08-23
  • Lauv & Anne-Marie Drop New Music Video for “f**k, i'm lonely”

  • American singer-songwriter Lauv and British singer-songwriter Anne-Marie dropped a new music video for “f**k, i'm lonely”.
    The song was released earlier this month and features on “13 Reasons Why:Season 3” soundtrack.
    The video was shot in two different locations just outside of Los Angeles.
    "I can't wait for people to see it, I just think it's so cool and so different. People are lonely but there is always someone there and I feel that's what this music video is about," Anne-Marie said.
    "I feel like there's always someone there but you don't realize it," Lauv added. "A lot of times we end up being isolated by our own choices. Basically, it is just about us going through our daily lives, but being lonely... basically, like, just existing, We run into each other at one point in the grocery store and have a nice awkward run-in and then she shuts the elevator on me."
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    "For me, I started the beat in an airport and then I think I was just in conversation with my friends, and then I was like, 'Oh! I'm lonely,' and then I said, 'Let's make that into a song' and we did," Lauv said.
    "Being on tour all the time, you get pretty lonely, so it's a very in-the-moment situation to be talking about, for us anyways," Anne-Marie added. "I call whoever has messaged me at that time, just look at who is there and go, 'Hello!'"
    "I love talking, when I have a problem or feel lonely, I love speaking it, she continued. "I've got that luxury of just not being scared and being able to talk. So I love to just call people as soon as I feel lonely."
  • source : ET
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