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  • 2018-12-12
  • SUSTO Premieres New Song “Homeboy”

  • Charleston-based alt-rock band SUSTO has released a new song “Homeboy” from their upcoming third studio album “Ever Since I Lost My Mind”.
    The song is the first release song after guitarist and keyboard player Corey Campbell and bassist Jenna Desmond left the band.
    Currently, the band is combined of Justin Osborne (lead vocals, guitar), Marshall Hudson (drums) and Dries Vandenberg (guitar).
    Also the band signed to Rounder Records, who includes Alison Krauss, Steve Martin and Bela Fleck. The track was released under their new label.
    The band frontman Justin Osborne said of the song, “I kind of found myself on the other side of the fence, the people in town being like 'Ok I wanna get out of here. I want to see it from the other side.' And at the same time experiencing this profound homesickness, or FOMO, because I love what I do, and I am so glad I get to do it, but some of my friends were spending their last days in town when I was gone. So I felt like this era was ending, and I was already gone. So it’s kind of a reflection of that, of just wanting change in your life and making that change happen. And also once you get there, looking back and seeing where you came from. And sometimes the grass looks greener ahead, and sometimes the grass looks greener behind, and I think the song just kind of goes on both sides.”
  • The new album is se to be released on February 22, 2019. Produced by Ian Fitchuck.
    “I think it has a lot of elements that you might recognize from the first album or you might recognize from our second album,” Justin Osborne said. “I think in that way it just feels like a very natural progression into the third record. I write songs that deal with a story from my life so they end up being very much like painting a picture of what’s been going on in my life, the feelings I’ve been processing, and I hope people can relate to that or at least enjoy it.”
    The album is available to pre-order here.

  • source : Paste Magazine
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