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  • 2018-03-15
  • Imagine Dragons Premieres New Music Video for “Next To Me” featuring Aja Volkman
  • American rock band Imagine Dragons dropped a new music video for “Next To Me”, directed by Mark Pellington. It's a 12-minute cinematic music video, which was filmed in Los Angeles, Vegas and a currently shuttered prison.
    Nico Vega lead singer Aja Volkman, who is Dan Reynolds's real-life wife, played a character in the video.
    The song was released in Fabruary as the fourth single from the band's third studio album "Evolve". Written by Wayne Sermon, Dan Reynolds, Ben McKee, Daniel Platzman.

    Dan Reynolds told Billboard about the video;
    "We put the call out to see what people came back to us with to a bunch of directors, and we like Mark [Pellington] -- he was just the most impassioned director we've ever had reach out about a music video in the history of this band," Reynolds tells Billboard about the legendary director behind iconic music videos from Pearl Jam ("Jeremy") and U2 ("One"), as well as the new all-star drama Nostalgia. "He said, 'You have no options. I must do this video.' And when he heard the song [he said] it had a lot of personal value for him too.
    Mark really pushed me into an uncomfortable space and in a lot of ways he opened up my eyes to a whole different world.
    The cells were tiny and I'm extremely claustrophobic because I was locked in a tiny box as a prank by one of my brothers when I was little when he was doing a magic trick and he kept me in a box too long.
    We wanted to create this fictional western world that had that romantic feeling and vibe of a lot of old country western movies like the ones I watched growing up, like Lonesome Dove, and I'm just so proud of [Sermon] and the heart and soul he put into this."
  • Mark Pellington said;
    "Whether it's 'Jeremy' or [Dave Matthews'] 'Gravedigger,' certain songs you hear in your mind and it just starts to race with ideas and this was one of those. The basic through line is of a man seeing all this before his execution, being forgiven and loved by his wife and nature and the end result being what he wanted -- but also allowing himself to go to that dark scenario."

  • source : Billboard
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