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  • 2017-11-25
  • Little Mix Premieres 3 New Songs “If I Get My Way”, “Is Your Love Enough?”, “Dear Lover”
  • British girl group Little Mix released their documentary film titled "Glory Days" directed by Adam Goodall. Addition the group unveiled three new songs “If I Get My Way”, “Is Your Love Enough?” and “Dear Lover” from their fourth studio album "Glory Days: The Platinum Edition", which was released on November 24, 2017.
    The film gives behind-the-scenes of one of the world's biggest girl groups, beginning their start on Season 8 of The X-Factor.
    "Glory Days" was released last November and reached number one on the UK Album Chart. The group embarked on The Glory Days Tour in support of the album in May 2017.
    "Glory Days: The Platinum Edition" is the reissue and contains 16-track including the single "Reggaetón Lento (Remix)" with CNCO along with three other remixed singles and three brand new songs.

  • About the film, director told Billboard in an interview;
    "I think the public sees the glitz and the glamour behind being a girl band. They get onstage, the girls look glamorous and they look fantastic, but these girls are so hard-working and some nights they get one, two hours of sleep before they have to do the next show and I think this documentary shows quite how hard the girls work and also how in-control they are of their careers.
    It's quick to say, "oh they're just a pop manufactured band." Actually, it's quite the contrary. They are fully involved with all of the creative process. They are in charge. I think you'll see from this film, if something does go wrong, the girls are really keen to make it better and they are very much in control of their destiny. I think that's really refreshing to see for a pop band, that they are so heavily involved, and also they're passionate about what they do.
    Often when bands put out bits of content, everything is wonderful and lovely and happy, and there are moments in this film where you'll see the pressure of all of the hard work and the lack of sleep get to them. There are a couple moments -- there's a bit where Jade actually breaks down -- that you'll see for the first time that side of the girls, and I think fans are going to really enjoy that. The girls aren't always happy, they are human beings. They open up and allow me to film them in their most fragile and delicate moments."

    He added, "I've rooted for [Little Mix] since the beginning and, I've watched them grow up and they've also given me lots of opportunity over the years as well. I've traveled around the world with them as well, and this is my first proper big documentary."
    Full story, click here.
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