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  • 2017-10-13
  • Daya Premieres New Music Video for “New”
  • Pittsburgh-based singe-songwriter Grace Martine Tandon, aka Daya dropped a new music video for “New” directed by Tobias Nathan. The track was written by Daya and co-written with Stargate, Sir Nolan, Leland and James Newman.
    She is best known for The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down” as a vocalist, who won the Grammy for Best Dance Recording in 2017. It is the singer's first Grammy Award win.
    This year, She signed to Interscope Records, the new song is first major-label single release.
    She said, “It feels like it’s been so long since that release because I’ve just grown so much emotionally and mentally. But it’s crazy that only a year later, all of these changes are made and all of these new songs are ready, and I’m signed to a major label. It feels like I’ve lived 10 lives in the past year.”
    She released a debut album “Sit Still, Look Pretty” in 2016 through indie record label Artbeatz.
  • About the new song, Daya told Billboard in an interview;
    “It’s about a past relationship, and I kind of love how it's a plot twist -- you think it's gonna be I'm onto something or someone new. But it's a recognition that maybe you've tried to move on... it was actually me who ended it, and I've tried so many times where I'm like, 'I don't need this person and I just have to move past this.' I've always just kind of been a single-minded person. So I moved on, and I thought emotionally I was gonna move on too. But everyone has those moments when they're like, 'oh, this wasn't the right move.' Like, 'I shouldn't have gone through this and now I have regrets about it.’”

  • She added;
    “With “New," I just want to acknowledge that it's not weird to have feelings. We all miss someone at one point in our lives. We all have regrets, you know, love ourselves one day, don't like ourselves the next day. I think it's good to show other people that you should channel this. We all go through things and we should talk about it, not avoid the fact and just keep it all bottled up. I feel that [“New”] is a very vulnerable track and a powerful, emotional track that people will probably cry to.”
  • source : Billboard
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