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  • World Surf League: John John Florence Wins Billabong Pipe Masters, Tyler Wright Wins ROXY Maui Pro

  • World Surf League the Championship Tour opening event, Billabong Pipe Masters and Maui Pro, both events final days took place at Banzai Pipeline, Oahu in Hawaii on December 20, 2020.
    Maui Pro completed until Heat 3 of the Quarterfinal at Honolua Bay on December 7th. But the even moved to Oahu from Maui due to shark attack incident at Honolua Bay.
    This marks the first time the women's Championship Tour has been held at Banzai Pipeline.
    Billabong Pipe Masters kicked off on December 8th, since then, 36 surfers have competed at the Banzai Pipeline.
    On Maui Pro, Tyler Wright (AUS) defeated the reigning Champion Carissa Moore (HAW) in the Final and claimed her first women's Championship Tour win at the Banzai Pipeline. It is her first victory since the 2017 Oi Rio Women's Pro. Also, this is her first win following a long rehab after injured at the 2018 Corona Open J-Bay.
    “I definitely don't take this for granted, to have this opportunity today is truly special,” Tyler Wright said after getting back onto the beach.
    Meanwhile, on Billabong Pipe Masters, John John Florence (HAW) beat Gabriel Medina (BRA) in the Final and took his first-ever victory of Billabong Pipe Masters.
    He took down Leonardo Fioravanti (ITA) in Quarterfinal and the Kelly Slater (USA) in the Semifinal with high scores to advance to the Final.
    “It feels so good to win, especially from that heat, that was a really hard heat. I'm stoked to win against Gabe, I feel like competing against him is why I want to compete,” said John John Florence. “To win out here, I'm super stoked, I don't know what else to say.”
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    Maui Pro Final Results:
    Heat 1: Tyler Wright (AUS) 8.34 def. Carissa Moore (HAW) 7.23

    Maui Pro Semifinal Results:
    Heat 1: Tyler Wright (AUS) 10.50 def. Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 2.87
    Heat 2: Carissa Moore (HAW) 16.60 def. Tatiana Weston-Webb (BRA) 2.47

    Maui Pro Quarterfinal Results:
    Heat 4: Tatiana Weston-Webb (BRA) 8.60 def. Sage Erickson (USA) 6.30

    Billabong Pipe Masters Final Results:
    Heat 1: John John Florence (HAW) 11.77 def. Gabriel Medina (BRA) 11.10

    Billabong Pipe Masters Semifinal Results:
    Heat 1: John John Florence (HAW) 18.16 def. Kelly Slater (USA) 0.00 (INT)
    Heat 2: Gabriel Medina (BRA) 12.60 def. Italo Ferreira (BRA) 8.57

    Billabong Pipe Masters Quarterfinal Results:
    Heat 1: John John Florence (HAW) 17.67 def. Leonardo Fioravanti (ITA) 10.17
    Heat 2: Kelly Slater (USA) 6.23 def. Jordy Smith (ZAF) 1.90
    Heat 3: Italo Ferreira (BRA) 13.34 def. Jeremy Flores (FRA) 10.53
    Heat 4: Gabriel Medina (BRA) 9.13 def. Kanoa Igarashi (JPN) 7.06
  • source : World Surf League
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