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  • Carmody Announces Debut Album “Imperfect Constellations”, Shares New Song “Replace”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Carmody announced her long-awaited debut album “Imperfect Constellations” would be released on June 10, 2022.
    Also, 4-track collection “Constellation A” of the debut album will be released on November 24th. “Constellation A” is a selection of songs focusing on the theme of “memory”.
    Carmody shared on social media, “This news feels a little vast for words, but after nearly 3 years of writing and windowless rooms, my Debut Album - 'Imperfect Constellations' is finished!! I never thought I'd be able to say that, so it feels so special to finally be here and begin sharing this music with you. It's a record about family, love, intertwining lives and the imprints we leave behind.”
    From the album she unveiled the first single “Replace” on October 20th.
    The track was written by Carmody, Jessica Carmody Nathan and Patrick James Pearson.
  • “'Replace' is about the chaos of grief and the realisation that you cannot recreate someone once they have disappeared,” Carmody said of the song. “It explores the multiple forms grieving can take - questioning relationships, exploring spirituality, substance abuse, depression and a yearning to grow as you are forced to become someone you no longer recognise.”
    She continued, “Initially it was written like a stream of consciousness. Without thinking too much about it, Patrick James Pearson and I both wrote down random images that could fit the melody. By making them non-linear it felt as if we were reflecting the inconsistent and unpredictable shape grief takes. The chorus is then quite stark and repetitive with the only certainty - that the person you love cannot be replaced.”

  • Photo by Andrew Cotterill
  • source : Apple Music
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