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  • Wave Break Releases New Song “Stop the Car” from New EP “Puzzle Pieces”

  • New Jersey-based alt-rock band Wave Break will release their sophomore EP “Puzzle Pieces” on November 5, 2021.
    It is their first EP in three years since debut EP “Armory”.
    From the EP, the band has dropped a new song “Stop the Car” with an accompanying music video.
    It was written by Kelly Barber and produced by Ryan Weil. The video was directed by Kris Khunachak.
    The band frontwoman Kelly Barber said of the song, “This song is about when everything in life is going wrong and feeling like you can never catch a break. I hit a pretty dark period a couple of times in the last few years because of this, and this song is about the effect of all of that on mental health.”
    She said of the EP, “This EP is a little bit different from the last one. It's a little bit less pop punk and little bit more alternative, so I was a little bit nervous to start rolling these out and wasn't sure what people were going to think.”
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    She continued, “The EP name 'Puzzle Pieces', it comes from the song melatonin on the EP and pretty much the phrase puzzle pieces I felt just was a good summary for what the EP was about because a lot of songs that I wrote, were about like certain instances in my life in the last few years where I had like a falling out with someone and someone like left my life or I was in a certain situation and I had to leave that situation in life, so it's all about like putting together like the right people and the right like opportunities and situations in life to like put together like what your life is supposed to be I guess, so it's basically like figuring out how to piece all those things together and the importance of that.”

  • Photo by Holly Turner
  • source : Apple Music
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