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  • Cody Frost Releases Debut EP “IT'S NOT REAL”: Streaming

  • British singer-songwriter Cody Frost released her debut EP “IT'S NOT REAL” along with a new music video for “STOMACHACHES” on July 16, 2021.
    The EP comprises of 4-track, produced by Dan Weller. The accompanying music video was directed by Naomi Kane.
    "I've been afraid for what feels like my whole life," Cody Frost explained of the EP. "When writing this EP, I wanted to dig into myself and say out loud things that I could never articulate before. I've been learning about my ADHD, depression and anxiety and wanted to tell people the things that I kept locked up, purely because I couldn't find the words before. This EP is about losing that childlike trust that you have in adults, and essentially coming to grips with being one myself."
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    Cody Frost explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Verbal warnings”
    “I used to work in a kids soft play area that was part of a pub. My boss there was an absolute douchebag who just lived for his job, which made me so angry. The only way I could channel that anger was to write a song about him and people like him in general – those people who think they're superior to you because they've got a company car and think they're set for life.”

    “'HIGH / BYE' is about that period in your life when you think you might be growing up. When your friends all move to different areas for university, and when you see them again the conversation is stale and weird. But I didn't go to university, so this is based on my experience being stuck at home”.

    “(I should) take better care”
    “This song is about the process of admitting that you're struggling. I find it hard to admit when I'm sad, or when I need help, so it's a reminder that I'm not the only one.”

    “I used to live above a pub and it got broken into a lot. It was a super scary time for me and I felt really unsafe and alone. This song is about living in that dark place and it having such a bad effect on the mental health of not just me, but everyone who lived there. I observed how toxic it felt, and wrote from both my perspective and that of one of my housemates. This spawned the bug idea: bugs being a materialised version of my anxiety, and other people's mental health issues.”
  • source : Apple Music
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