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  • Scott Quinn Releases Debut EP “BETTER FOR ME”: Streaming

  • London-based singer-songwriter Scott Quinn released his debut EP “BETTER FOR ME” on July 9, 2021.
    The EP comprises of 4-track, including the previously unreleased song “Hands Across The Table”.
    He worked with Aaron Williams, Henrik Michelsen and Gil Lewis on the EP.
    Scott Quinn shared on social media, “MY debut EP 'BETTER FOR ME' is OUTTT NOWWW! 🙏⚡️ Thank you so much for all the love. This is some of my best music to date and I couldn't be prouder of the finished record, please stream, share and enjoy it in it's entirety 🙏🧡 I made this EP with some bloody talented friends and collaborators, which makes this release all the more sweet. ENJOYYYYYYYYY ⚡️⚡️🧡🧡”
  • Scott Quinn explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Better For Me”
    “I'd wanted to write a song to guitar for a while and asked Aaron to come up with an interesting guitar riff. It's the voice memo he recorded of said riff that can be heard on the track! I started singing over the guitar riff and immediately found what is now the chorus melody but was originally the verse. It was actually Aaron's fiancé who had overheard us writing the song and said that the 'verse' was definitely the 'chorus'. We swapped it around and never looked back!”

    “This song is an amalgamation of times where you think you know someone, only to be quite suddenly proven very wrong. The subtle changes in a person's personality or energy and how those small changes can have a devastating effect. Your worst nightmare. It's always interesting listening back to the voice notes from when 'NIGHTMARE' was being created, as there were a few times where we experimented with ideas that would have taken the song in a completely different direction. Sonically and melodically the final product is unlike anything I've heard before and that excites me; I've had it on repeat ever since.”

    “Holding On To Letting Go”
    “This song was one of the easiest songs I've ever written. I wrote it with a very talented writer called Adam Argyl, in a studio in west London. We had both been going through some pretty intense and emotionally taxing relationship stuff and just met on common ground when writing this song. Listening back to the voice memos is so interesting because you can hear how the song just 'arrived' out of nowhere. There were some lyrics in this song that rang so true for both of us, which made the whole process so cathartic. Not to mention the title lyric 'I keep holding on to letting go..'. It's such a simple concept but carries so much weight, I'm so surprised that I haven't heard it sung that way before.”
  • source : Apple Music
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